Sunday, 15 July 2012

Tae hanging out in Barcelona

Tae loved walking down the streets by himself, holding our hand or the trolley. He is really blossoming. His speak has exploded and he has gone from being relatively quiet and only saying what he really wanted to a total chatterbox.

As we expected, when he decided to really start talking he clicked and went fluent within a week! He now constantly uses a wealth of vocabulary and near perfect grammar! We seriously can not shut him up. He sometimes still mixes up his English and Norwegian, more so when he is tired.

This summer has seen him make the transition from toddler into a little boy and his personality keeps shining through - trust me, there is plenty of 'personality' there;)

He still loves his books and any transport! My handbag for our whole holiday held an assortment of cars, planes and his bleoved Elias boat!

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