Saturday, 27 April 2013

Boy Scout!

Tim has really got the boy scout bug. His troop is really active. There always seems to be an event to attend or a new skill to learn.

Last weekend he spent all Sunday on a mountain orienteering from activity post to post. At each post his patrol had to solve a problem or an create object with limited resources. Everything from food knowledge to first aid was covered. Out of 18 patrols taking part, they won 3rd place :)

On Friday night he headed off again. This time to attend a weekend regional competition event for the Norwegian National Scouting Cup 2013 .

He was excited to get everything together. He learnt a great deal the last time being out in the cold -17c temperatures in February. He made sure he had lots of warm clothes options with him. However, the temperature should be over 20c warmer this time!!

He even gets to try out his new walking trousers this time!!

Tim is actually a third generations scout. Both my dad and Tig were active in the scouting movement for years. Before he headed off  in his fancy uniform we took a picture of him holding an old photo of my dad in his scout uniform taken over 50 years ago!! 

We need to try and have my MIL see if she has any of Tig too;)

Then off he went!!

Very excited and proud. His patrol is called Bjørn - translation in English is The Bears! 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Pants Optional

Mr Tae is embracing being 4 years old in his own way:)

He is quite specific regarding the clothes he likes and wants to wear. Everyday he has to choose which hat or coat to wear before we head off to barnehage.

His latest weekend attire of choice is a refusal to actually get dressed. He chooses the whole pajama look all day if we are not going out.

The boy loves comfort, especially his  'one piece'. But, there is a rule. A very important rule in our house. He is not allowed to wear the onsie outside of the home.

We had a discussion yesterday regarding his insistence on wearing it to the local shops. Not happening on my watch! I have no problem with any superhero outfit being worn as I collect my groceries, but a one piece is my limit - we have standards! (FYI, Tig found my discussion with Tae on this very amusing)

So after getting dressed in jeans for the shopping trip, back home the one piece was slipped back on - and then off.

Obviously he then decided to go out in the garden for some scooter time.
It is April and 11c, but the boy does not care.

Nothing says style like wellie boots and pants! I'm just impressed his boots matched his top;)

Friday, 19 April 2013


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Friday, 12 April 2013

Sleep Over!

Since relocating back his original childcare facility after Easter, Mr Tae has been a little insecure. He does not tend to do change very well.

He is quite subtle with this and some people may not really notice. He is a little extra clingy. Always needs to be close to mummy (nothing new there, I can hear my mum say;). Generally more thumb sucking and quieter.

However, a new development started over a week ago, just after the changes in daycare began. He started waking in the middle of the night. He would come into our room saying 'I don't want to sleep in my own bed, I don't want to be alone!' Trust me the sadness in his voice was a killer.

I spent 2 nights walking him back to his own bed and staying with him, stoking his head. By night 3, I was done! I pulled the extra mattress which is under his bed and hauled it right into Tim's room!!

He jumped on it, curled up and went straight back to sleep - and there he has slept through the night ever since. 

I know we have to transition him back to his own room soon, but both boys are happy. They dont mess around as they have different bed times and Tae is fast asleep before Tim goes to bed.


Tae seriously loves it!! Each night as soon as we say bed time, he jumps up and shouts, 'sleep in Tim's room'! He has even been requesting Tim put him to bed quite a bit too. My respect also goes to Tim. He is more than happy to let his little brother bunk down on the floor of his room if it keeps him happy.

My favourite quote from Tim the other day was: 'Mummy, Tae is not a Daddy's boy or a Mummy's boy at the moment, he is a Tim's boy'!

ABSOLUTELY  - I love how they are so close:)

Monday, 1 April 2013

Boat Watching

Tae's LOVES any type of transport. After planes, boats come a close second.

The best part of visiting my MIL (apart from spending time with her;) is that he gets to travel on 2 ferries to get there! So much excitement I can tell you.

However, once there, the real fun begins....

MIL has the most beautiful view of the sea and harbor  Which means a constant supply of boats and ferries coming and going. 

You have no idea the joy this brings. He spends hours just watching them and shouts out extra excited when the ferry comes into the port!!

 No smiley face pictures.That would require him to turn away from boat watching and look at the camera! Not going to happen - simple pleasures are the best.

Easter Walk

We visited my MIL for Easter. Its a 6 hour road trip, but as always the boys were great. Both took turns having a doze and the Tae enjoyed looking at the fjords we drive past while Tim got out his iPod.

There was a lot of relaxing to be had, but I squeezed in a walk right up to the top of the mountain with the boys, my SIL and the cousins. 

We had to tackle a steep road before we even hit the mountain path!

Tae did a great job keeping up and even tried to give his big brother a piggy back!

The views from the top are certainly worth the walk.

Cousin I. took control of Tae and looked after him for the whole walk. He certainly loves his big cousin and happily held her hand most of the way.

The cousins other cousin T., brought along his dog and they all had lots of fun running along with her. Cousin E. does not like dogs at all and he kept a safe distance back at all times.

After a while it was back down the steep hill to Farmor's house. Both I. and Tim helped Tae down the steep slope, bless them.

We were out for over two hours and the loop at the top of the mountain is 2km alone. Tae did a great job keeping up.

Tae's New Hanbok

I was lucky enough to purchase another Hanbok for Tae.

A Hanbok is the Korean national costume. He received his first Hanbok from his foster parents as a gift for his first birthday.

It is important that we continue to celebrate Tae's Korean culture as he gets older and this is a lovely way to incorporate it.

However, Tae was not feeling the love I was for his new outfit. We started off with this...

Love this sulky face!

I then managed to capture a few more - OK, a lot more;)

It is beautiful - just like my boy - even if he would not smile:)