Sunday, 26 February 2012

New Skiis

We are going to try and introduce Tae to downhill skiing this year.

We had to get him some new skiis and boots as he is too small for Tim's old ones.

They are seriously dinky.

He is very excited to try them out. It will be interesting to see how he manages.

Im sure Tim will be a great help teaching him on the slopes.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Not my best moment!

On Wednesday I went on the annual Ski day with the school I work at. I have been skiing on and off since I was 14 years old.

I am not the worst skier and can't actually remember the last time I fell over.

Funny enough, I can't actually remember falling on Wednesday either;)

I do however, remember a sharp pain to my face and then lying face down looking at the snow.

I managed to get up, locate my lost ski (about one metre behind me), pick up pieces of my smashed glasses and ski down.

Tig drove out, picked me up and we went to the local A&E department. Amazingly they saw me straight away and sent me off the the hospital.

They admitted me for obsevations and gave me a CT scan on my head to rule out bleeding and to check my nose (suspected broken - words can not describe the pain!). Who knew trying to get your date of birth from inside your head onto your tongue could be so challenging and take such concentration;)

Luckily the CT scan came back clear and they let me go home with a sick note, instructions on what I can and can't do and told to have lots of rest.

I've never had concussion before and my body only wants to sleep. I also have a hard time thinking and making decisions.

Tae had been sweet and says 'mummy ouch - no touch' while pointing to my face;)

Today I am much better, although my body has now realised it was in an impact and is quite sore. I suspect I may have sprained my shoulder too.

Since I was skiing really slowly at the time it happend I think I will just whizz down the slopes in the future!! - but not for quite some time:))

Tim's New Hair Cut!

Seriously how can one haircut add years to my little boy???

Tim had his haircut and had black hairwax put on at the hairdressers.

I can believe how much older he looks and even though I am biased I think he is looking extra gorgeous:)) Therefore LOTS of photos;)

He had a great day at school today. It was carnival and he dressed up as Dracula! He came 4th in his class limbo competition and his team came 1st in the quiz.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cousins Time

After time on the slopes Tim and Tae got to spend time with their cousins, which is something they love!!!





They have a great relationship with all of them and love it when they come to visit!

Skiing with Cousins

My sister and her family came over to visit and enjoy some Nordic skiing.

They spent the week on the slopes and Tim and I travelled to join them on their last day.

Tim loves spending time with them, especially cousin T.

They had lots of fun. It was quite snowy, but it did lend itself to lovely fresh soft snow to ski on:)

I took the boys up on the chair lift and enjoyed a few runs all together.

After a while cousins C & B went off on their own so they could whizz at their own pace and I skied with Tim & T - two very happy boys.

After bombing down a few red slopes we decided to stay on the lower slopes and do a few tricks on the rails (that would be them and not me;)!!

Phone photos are not great, but they do capture the moment!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Playing Pool

Tim loves playing pool, although he only has a mini table.

More recently Tae has been trying to get in on the action...

Maybe one day when we have more room there maybe a full size table in our future.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sick boy:(

Tae is not often ill, but when he is he usually goes all out!!

The last 2 days have required mummy or pappa to be within 2 metres of him at all times. He has had a high fever, runny nose and upset tummy:(

Most of the time he just wanted to be on the sofa having cuddles.

Today he has had moments of being perky and played a little, so I am hopeful for tomorrow, but we are not fever free yet.

My poor little man.....

Mothers Day!

I am blessed with two beautiful caring boys

and I have a fabulous husband!

Today their combined efforts made me a very happy mummy:)

From being served pancakes with maple syrup with a hot cup a tea for breakfast, to the beautiful flowers,  new ski goggles, yummy chocolates, 4 layered homemade cake and the gorgeous card, I had a wonderful day.

Friday, 10 February 2012

How the angels sleep;)

Someone sneaked into mummy's bed and fell asleep this evening.....

He'd even taken his special pillow and teddy with him - love this boy!
(but he was still moved sound asleep back to his own bed;)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012