Monday, 31 October 2011


Trick or Treat!!!

This year we had a devil and a cute spider in our house. Our spider was not too sure about the whole getting dressed up, but he loved playing with the torch outside in the dark.

Our little devil went off to Trick or Treat with his friends with the promise to bring something home to share with his little brother. Tae was much happier waiting on the sofa watching Thomas;)

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Pumpkin Time

It's Pumpkin time!!!

In our house this usually means a lot of mess and both Tim and Tae getting stuck right in.

Tae was not too impressed emptying out his pumpkin with his hand. He would only use the spoon. He didnt like the yucky feel of it:)

Tim was very proud of himself. This is the first year he did his pumpkin ALL by himself (with only a little complaining his wrist ached).

Serious concentration.

Tae was very uncertain about the finished pumpkins - in fact he kept running away from them and hiding.

The only way he would let me take his picture was if I placed his pumpkin near his feet. However, the look on his face is a true Tae expression . "Im sitting here, but don't ask me to like it!!"

After bath time and with his monster pj's on he warmed up!

Tim chose his idea from the internet and we decided Tae would love a car. Instead of finding a car on the internet, Tim wanted to draw one for his brother.

It might not be the most fancy pumpkin design, but it was drawn and cut out with buckets of love, which makes it pretty cool in my book :D

Friday, 28 October 2011

My new cleaner!!

A certain member of our family had a slight attitude issue the other day. The consequences of which meant that all computer and TV rights were removed for the evening. (Don't mess with mummy;)

After a few hours pacing, reading, huffing and puffing, he politely asked if there was ANYTHING he could do to have some laptop time before bed.

Hmmm, I'm all for giving a second chance and since the first job on a long list for the next day involved vaccing and mopping the whole of downstairs I had an idea that appealed to me:D

Of course his shadow had to get in on the action too;)

I was very impressed with how quickly he said "OK great", and then the commitment that was shown. He really did a good job!!!

He took it very seriously and I loved that he removed his socks and rolled up his jeans to do the mopping:))

Seriously this boy is going to make someone a great husband one day!!!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Funny Food

I've been wanting to try this for a while and decided it was about time.

It was a big hit with both boys (let's be honest they both love sausage and spagetti)!

I banned them from the kitchen while I made it and presented the finished dish as a surprise which they thought was very cool (Tim) and yummy (Tae). Next time I will have them thread the spagetti themselves!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Autumn Days

A yucky Saturday morning so the boys took a chance when there was a break in the rain and went outside for some fresh air.

I glanced out the window and this is what I saw.

Major tickle time :D

and yes, they were very wet when they came in and needed a total change of clothes, but they did have lots of fun!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Fun Facts about Tim & Tae

Tim's favourite things at 10 years old

Films:   Harry Potter & Original Karate Kid
Food:   Pizza & Pasta

Toys:   Playstation 3

 Hobbies:   Football, fishing & riding his bike
Gadget:   Laptop and ipad2

Expressions:   "Ya think?" & "Just saying!" (Oh joy - sarcastic at 10!)

Tae's favourite things at 2 years old!

Cartoons:  The Gruffalo, Thomas the Tank Engine, Kipper & Bob the Builder
Food:   Yogurt, eggs, sausage, pasta

Toys:   Cars & books
 Soft toy:   Monkey & Scout the talking dog
Hobbies:   Looking and pointing out ANY form of transport
Gadget:   ipad2

Expressions: "Ok, yes" "Go and look at boats?" & "Can I have cuddles?"

and sometimes, they just enjoy hanging out together!

Oh.... and obviously number 1 favourite is cuddles with mummy;)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Messing About on the Deck

Today was a glorious Autumn day.

Blue skies, the sun shining and a crisp 2c!

When Tae came home from Nursery, Tim took him out into the garden.

The boys decided to hang out on the deck and happily played for over one hour.

I snapped these photos through the window:o

While Tim goofed around on his skateboard (RIP), Tae discovered a source of water and had fun splashing around.