Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Pet Corner - Fluffy

Fluffy is the fifth member of our family.

She is greatly loved by Tim and Tae, although she is officially Tim's pet and lives in Tim's bedroom.

However, Tae can often be found next to Fluffy's cage chatting away to her and trying to feed her  through the bars of her cage. We are still working on the gently stroking technique with him;)

As with a lot of things Tae renamed Fluffy. His name for her was Fifi. However, recently he has conformed and uses the same name as the rest of us!

Tim has lots of fun giving cuddles and playing with Fluffy and with prompting is getting better at feeding and cleaning out her cage too;)

Having two boys in the house means Fluffy has been pushed around on cars, tractors, fire engines and even a toy plane!!

She must have a strong heart to have survived some of the adventures the boys have taken her on during the last year!!

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