Sunday, 29 September 2013

Night at the Aquarium

Friday night we headed into town to explore the Aquarium by night!

Tae's favourute cartoon is The Octonaughts. Everything to do with under the sea is a big hit in our house just now.

It was so much fun!!

Complete darkness inside.

Everyone was walking around with torches and shining them on the fish.

Tae's favourite were the sharks, although the sea lions were popular too.

Tim just followed around humouring his little brother!

He even kindly took him down to the reptile area. This is one mother with a seriously snake phobia! No level of love would have had me down there!!

In fairness, I am quite impressed at how the photos came out - given that I was snapping away in darkness with only torch light to identify my children:0

Obviously, we had to stop off and have an ice cream break on our way around.

The evening was completed by hanging out with the penguins.

By the time they were ready to leave I had a very tired 4 year old. 

So being a fabulous big brother, Tim gave Tae a ride back to the car.

Football Boy

Tim played the last cup match of the season this week.

He has been playing a match each week all season and really enjoying it.

The final match was so much fun as both teams were strong!

He was especially happy to end the season by scoring a hat trick 
(that is 3 goals in one match to the non soccer fans out there). 

That is quite an acheivement.

Football is a year round commitment here. He now starts winter training which is twice a week for 2 hours each time.

He will be out in the wind, rain and snow to keep his fitness up - rather him than me;)

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Nana's Visit

My mum did a flying visit last weekend.

She arrived at midnight Friday and left again Monday evening. 

I love that there is now a direct flight between our cities.

A special thanks to my friends S & J who came over and babysat Tae whilst I took Tim to the airport to collect her.

We had a busy weekend. I had lots of little jobs around the house that needed sorting and it was lovely to have company and help to get them done. 

My dining room has now been blasted and completely decluttered including all drawers and cupboards:0

The boys enjoyed time with Nana both inside and outside.

She got to sit and supervise Mr Tae as he showed her all his scooter tricks!

It flew by quickly, but we squeezed quite a lot into 3 days. All the goodies she brought with her were especiallly appreciated too;)

Friday, 27 September 2013

Dinner with friends

Come over for some shellfish she said.

The boys and I turned up ready to embrace some prawns and maybe fresh crabs.

Obvioulsy I forgot the I & G effect.

Tim was especially impressed!!

Nothing says a simple Saturday casual dinner like lobster, oysters and scallops:0

Tim ate his first oyster and thought it was not too bad!

They are the BEST friends ever!

Baking Boy

Tim decided he wanted to make some cup cakes. 

He took over the kitchen and got to work.

He had a special helper. Although I use the word 'help' very loosely.

He really enjoyed himself.

So did his little helper;)

He made vanilla and chocolate muffins...

and got quite creative with the frosting. He even manged to locate some silver decoration balls from the cupboard!

Glad he has practised - he is now good to go for my birthday in November:)

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Basement - painting with friends!

Our previous tennant moved out of the basement apartment. 

They had been there quite a few years. It was looking very tired, needed some plastering work and then completely painting!

I sent a message to a few friends letting them know I would be painting from Sunday afternoon and each night until it was finished. I invited anyone who wanted to come a long to help;)

....and they came:))

Thank you to E, L, J & B.

They were amazing and each day or evening I had a different buddy to keep me comapny. The fact they were all fabulous painters was a bonus.

I tackled the celilings and am very proud I can now add this to my skill set.

The delightful J & B were amazing on the woodwork finish. E & L did a wonderful job on the walls and panelling. 

I was most impressed with E. She had NEVER painted before and she was very good.

It felt great to have it finished. It is now back to its clean and bright glory!!

Feels so good that it is ready to rent out again - and I get to hang out with my boys and sit on my sofa in the evenings (for a little while anyway;)