Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Random weekly update!

After a crazy busy 17th May, Tim has continued to have an active time.

On Friday he went off into town with his friends (the first time on his own). He is part of a small film club and they went and filmed on top of the city centre mountain. I felt quite brave letting him take the tram himself and being there on his own. However, his friends are very sensible and he did have his mobile with him...and yes I did call him to check in;)

The next was spent on another mountain next to our house. He has joined a role play group. They meet every month, dress up and behave in character something similiar to Robin Hood. They are divided into 4  tribes, each tribe has a base camp and after meeting and having a strategy/story update they basically run around the mountain role playing in character. It lasts the whole day. He was dressed up in a tunic and had a latex sword. He named his character Shadow Knight and he came from a rich family. He loved it and has requested his own sword for his birthday before next months meeting.

Since then we have slowed the pace down a little and had some time relaxing at home. Both boys are quite the cuddlers:) They often snuggle up to each other on the sofa and hang out on the iPad or watching TV.

On top of chilling out, we have embraced crazy hair and hat wear!

and began our bbq season ....

Our new best friend comes in this little bottle. We discovered it in December, but now we could not manage with it!

It is Mr Tae's Lactose tablets. This means he can have his beloved cheese again. It also means life is easier when cooking dinner. Simply things like lasagne are back on the menu:) We do still use lactose free milk and cream and only use the tablets a few times a week, but it makes such a difference.

The BIGGEST impact these little tablets have is that my boy can eat ice cream:)))
Yes, he had never eaten it and has now certainly got the taste. He loves him some ice cream.

He will squish up next to me and whisper 'ice lolly mummy'. I know he doesn't mean the type with fruit juice as he quickly follows it with 'go get tablet mummy. Tae have his tablet!'
Since it is warm and summery this week - how can I say no!

Yes, I admit I make him sit on his special chair to eat his ice cream and not on mummy's lovely new sofa's :0

Mucky Face

One of my favourite things I love to see when I collect my boys from nursery or school is a dirty face!!

If they are dirty and messy, the chances are they had a great day:)

Today when I arrived to pick Tae up, he was sitting in the dirt, spade in one hand and a digger truck by his feet - he was in heaven.

The staff explained they had spent the whole day on the grassy areas on the mountain behind the daycare. It is one of the advantages of him attending an outdoor/fresh air philosophy barnehage, they are outside in the rain, snow and sunshine! It has a brook, trees, slightly hilly and a flat part. They said he was in his element. Without the distraction of toys, he played beautifully with the other children and even sang them a song (he usually only does this when he is on his own in his playroom;)

He was worn out when he came home and needed cleaning up before relaxing.

Just enough until bathtime and bed.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Tim & Tae - 3 years old:)

I thought it would be fun to compare the photos of Tim and Tae at the same age wearing the same national outfit.

Most people think Tim has always been big for his age and that Tae is small.

In actual fact up until Tim was 8 years old, he was small for his age and Tae has always been right on the average line!

It's fun to compare and see how the outift fitted them both:))

First out Tim.....

And along comes Tae......

Love that they both have the wrinkly socks;)

I am also very happy I have invested in a better camera!


Thursday, 17 May 2012

17th May 2012 Part 4 - School Parade

After a quick coffee and piece of cake, it was out again to walk with Tim's school in the parade. (I had to do a quick outfit change due to a wardrobe malfunction at the Tivoli;)

Tim's class had made a new banner in woodwork and they were very proud of it.

Tim explained he'd suggested making the banner in the shape of a mountain as the school sits on the side of a mountain. They included the surrounding houses and the school too. I think they did a great job!

Tim even helped carry the banner part of the way as they walked.

Tae was very tired by this point so I put him in the stroller and pushed him the route. He fell asleep after 5 minutes of walking! When we reached the school playground, Tim hung out with his friends whist I caught up with some friends and had much needed coffee!

We have had a very busy, and fun time celebrating Norways constituation day!

The sofa is calling to me, Tae sleeps and Tim will soon follow him!

Hip, hip hurray to the 17th May!!

17th May 2012 Part 3 - Cake Time

In case I have not mentioned, I really do love Tig, however, when he bakes cakes, the level of my love may just rise a bit;)

He is quite the baker when he puts his mind to it!

He created these for today.

Yep, an Oreo cake and a cheesecake with a Norwegian flag design on the top. What is not to love?

We only had time for coffee and cake when we got back from the funfair before heading out again to the school parade, but it was very needed and delicious!

Both Tim and Tae agree:)

17th May 2012 Part 2 - Tivoli Time

According to Tim, it is not the 17th May unless we visit the Tivloi!

So after getting dressed up in our best clothes we added rain jackets and jumped into the car;)

It may have been raining, but the boys still had a blast. We met up with our friends which added to the fun. It meant that Tim could go off on the fast and scary rides with O. and the delightful T. happily sat on train rides and followed Tae wherever he wished to go.

The boys loved the rides as well as the stalls. Tae had a go at fishing and won a little fish, whist Tim played a water jet game and won a hat!

Then it was onto the rides.....

Before we met up with T. mummy had to suck it up and join Tae on the flying bug ride (the real measure of true love;)

Thankfully T. then took over.

Until he was brave enough to go it alone.

We actually met up with O. whilst he was sitting alone waiting for this ride to start. I've never seen Tim run onto a ride to join his friend so quickly.

A few rides later, we obvioulsy had to make a sugar stop.

Then Tim and O. stepped it up by going on a really fast and scary ride. Tig and I were very happy we no longer have to go on rides with Tim, because otherwise there is no way he'd have a chance!


Tim and O. thought it was such a great ride they went on it twice :o

After 2 full hours of sugar and fun, it was time to head home for a quick pit stop before heading to the school parade!

17th May 2012 - Part 1

As usual as soon as we got up we went and put the flag out from the balcony.

The diningroom table was set with flowers and a candle in red, white and blue and we were all set for the day.

We started the day slowly with a scrummy breakfast made by Tig. Pancakes with chocolate spread for the boys, pancakes with maple sirup and bacon for me and egg and bacon for Tig:)

Then it was time to get all dressed up!

Tae looked very handsome in the same national costume that Tim had worn at the same age. It was quite special to see him wear it.

Then to the annual photo session in the garden. The weather was not cooperating, very grey and drizzling with rain.

The it was off to town to enjoy the Tivoli - funfair (in the rain;)