Saturday, 30 July 2011

Beach Life!

We have had an amazing 2 weeks relaxing on the island of Boa Vista.

Boa Vista is one of 10 islands that make up Cape Verde. It is located 570 km off the coast of Senegal, West Africa. It is an amazing island which has not really been touched by tourism. Although Cape Verde is now an independant country, it previously belonged to Portugal. The 'official' language is Portugese, but everyone speaks Creole. Everyone is so friendly and the common phrase 'no stress' was heard a lot during our 2 weeks!!

There is so much to share from our break, so I thought I'd kick of with a little beach time!!

The boys had a fabulous time building castles and digging holes in the sand.

The empty beaches go on for miles and miles of fine white sand and the deep blue ocean is refreshing, how be it very strong. No swimming here, but lots of wave jumping!!

Tim spent hours jumping in the waves and digging his feet into the sand as the water tried to pull him back as the tide returned to the ocean.

Although Tae loves water he was very unsure of the sea and ther waves. He would go to the edge and run away as the tide came in. Therefore during our time on the beach Tae spent most of his time people watching and digging in the sand.

Baywatch watch out!!!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Nuts Over Coconuts

For some strange reason Tim thinks coconuts are great!

Everytime we see them on sale in the shops he wants to buy one. The usually answer is no -  unless they are on offer;)

He enjoys drilling a hole to fit a straw in and drink the milk - although he does say its Reeeaaally sweet!

My theory is that he just loves getting the tools out to break it in half;)

Whatever the reason, he certainly seems to have fun!!!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Cousin Fun!!

We have had a very busy, but fun week visiting my family in England!!
It is quite amazing how we managed to squeeze so much into each day.  

On our first evening we attended a concert at my nephew's school. B is an amazing musician who plays several instruments and has an great voice too. He was part of the warm up act for the singer Edwina Hayes. I was very proud of him!! Here he is on stage.

Next along was a day out to an amusement park with Tim and his cousin T. We left Tae in the capable hands of Nana and Grandad. The day involved running from one ride to the next and only stopping for food and drink when needed! 

Tig deserves a medal for being the star who went on all the rides with the boys that needed an adult if you were under 140cm. This involved some very scary looking roller coasters. However, I had to step up and do the lying down ride with the boys as we really didnt think Tig would fit into the tiny cages that you lay in!!The worst part was that Id just eaten a yummy chocolate pancake before realising Id have to do this ride:(

Next on the fun days list includied visiting the summer fair at my sisters school. There were lots of fun stalls and activites for the children to do. Tim obviusly loved the football shoot where he won a football and Tae really enjoyed the donkey ride.

Talking about the donkeys. While we were waiting for Tae and cousin H to finish another ride, the donkey man approached cousin C and asked if he could just hold the donkeys for him as he had to do a quick errand.  It was very funny to see C's face as he stood there holding the three donkeys for five minutes. He thought someone was filming him for a laugh!!!

Finally a photo of the lovely H and Tae enjoying the 'very fast and bouncy' ride they went on together. H was very sweet and insisted on holding onto Tae to make sure he was safe the whole way around. It was so 'fast' I could have walked along the side if needed;)