Sunday, 14 June 2015

14 years ago....

you made me a mother.

Your life so far has been quite a journey and it is only just beginning.

So 14 things from a mother perspective about you.

You have always known your own mind
Since 2 years old you have wanted to be a big brother (and kept asking until it happend)
You adore and love your little brother
Since 4 years old you have wanted a dog - sorry mate, aint happening!
You can do anything you put your mind to
You have a great heart
You are caring and thoughtful of others
You are also a teenage nightmare at times
You are loved and love equally back
Family and friends are important to you
You are super smart and when you are ready, the world is yours for the taking
You are bilingual in the true sense
I am proud of the person you are and excited about the person you will continue to grow into
oh, by the way - did I tell you I love you today;)

Happy birthday beautiful boy - I love you to the moon and back