Saturday, 22 February 2014

It's Time:(

I have needed to edit the cover heading and side bar on my blog for a while.

The problem, and reason I have put it off, ironically comes down to 'another nail in the coffin' of reality.

Tig is gone. 

He is no longer the vibrant force who daily united our crazy household.

BUT....(Yes, it is a BIG BUT).

He will always be with us and an integral part of who Tim, Tae and I are.

You are not committed to someone for nearly 20 years without them becoming part of your being.

The boys and I have become the people we are due to him.

He was an amazing husband and a totally fabulous 'hands on' father.

Whenever I make decisions, my mind automatically flips towards what he would think or do.

I am parenting on my own now. His lack of physical presence does not stop me from considering his viewpoint. He was the Ying to my Yang. We balanced each other out in many ways. It is my job to continue and try to provide that balance for the boys now he is gone.

So where does that leave the blog....

not too different, 

just a few tweaks here and there with wording. 

I want to to honour how much he loved us and how hard we loved him back.

The title, Everyday with Tig, Tim and Tae stays - as his influence in our life does.

But, other things need updating. It was hard to do, but needed.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Christmas day 2013

The only reason I know it was Christmas day is due to the date. 

We woke up early, had a leisurely breakfast, then it was beach time!!

The sea was clear blue, but since Tae sat in the breaking waves it looks all sandy!

Tae had been talking a great deal in the run up to our holiday that G, was going to go in the sea and pool and look after him!

Which luckily gave the ladies a little time to relax. I also had great help with I's parents who were with us on the trip, the boys called them Mormor and Morfar (grandparents).

Tim's sunglasses 'arty' photography skills...

Can't beat a walk along the beach near the end of the day!

Our version of Christmas 2013

On the 23rd December we woke up at 05:00 and headed to the airport where we met up with our friends.

We left cold and grey Norway and 3 planes and 22 hours later we landed to this:

Beautiful, warm, sunny Thailand!

As always, the boys did great travelling. Once we arrived in Phuket, we took our mini bus transfer to the hotel, checked in, had lunch, then by late afternoon finally hit the beach.

Not too shabby for Christmas Eve!

After the sun went down, and a few Mojitos later, we headed back to change before venturing out for dinner.

Not quite the traditional Christmas food, but exactly what we wanted and needed!

Then 2 very happy, but tired boys zonked right out in the huge bed:))

A perfect start to our alternative celebrations.