Monday, 3 February 2014

Christmas Part 2

So after a morning of relaxing, we had the traditional porridge with cinamon and raisins for lunch with the compulsary red christmas brus!!

We also remembered to set a bowl outside for Jule Nisse and a carrot for the reindeer!

Then it was on with their new Christmas shirts:))

Yes - I did dress my children in snowman and reindeer shirts ...and they loved them;)

Then onto the VERY important business of Father Christmas visiting. This was a tricky one. Traditionally it has been Stig's thing. However, this year Tim asked if he could do it! He was very keen and excited. How could I say no.

So I put the outfit ready for him, distracted Tae and he got dressed up, sneaked outside and banged on the door.

It was total magic. 

Both boys smiling for different reasons. Tim put on a deep voice and did the whole 'have you been a good boy talk' that his dad had been doing with him for years. Oh yes, I may have teared up - but in a good, proud way.

He even took him to 'the chair' Stig aways used when in the role!

At first Tae said 'its Tim', but after denials, he soon got taken in and totally believed in the moment.

 Tim rocked his role and was so good with his little brother. The outfit did not completely drown him either so he can carry on for a few more years yet!!


  1. Oh I've loved reading about your Christmas Liz and you photos are just delightful. Tearing up reading about Tim being Santa...that boy is amazing. Avril x

  2. What an awesome story about your Christmas. Beautiful photos. You have amazing children. Tim is an absolute doll.

    Claire Borrero