Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas Eve - Pre dinner excitement

Oh my goodness... could the boys have been any more excited!

Before dinner they spent a while buring off energy doing this...

In fairness this had been building up all day. Julenissen had already visited and they only had to last through dinner until they recieved their presents.

All Dressed up for Christmas!

Each year on Christmas eve we have the annual family photos by the Christmas tree!! Here is a selection from this year.

I love this one because to keep Tae focused, Tim had them both shouting 'Nisse' at the top of their voices:)

and 2 more, just because I love my boys;)

Julenisse comes to visit

A Norwegian tradition is that Julenisse (Father Christmas) comes to the house on Christmas eve, talks to the children and hands out a couple of presents.

This was the first year Tae had experienced it!!

When Nisse first arrive he was a little unsure.

Then, he broke the ice by saying 'Here Nisse, have sweetie!!'

He sat on his knee and just gawped at him....

Until he realised the big guy brought presents:)


Tim was VERY happy that Nisse bought him front row tickets to see Bear Grylls when he comes to our town!!

He was so happy he even agreed to a picture with Tae and 'Nisse';)

Nisse left lots of gifts under the tree for after dinner and went on his way until next year!

Christmas Eve Morning

Christmas Eve morning we start the day with opening new PJ's and stockings!

This year I'd also made the boys an individual photobook each with highlights from their past year!

They were a big hit:))

Then it was quickly onto their stockings.

Have to have a clementine in there!

Sweeties are also in there too!

Tae went over to show Farmor all the goodies he recieved

Yes, it really was what it said on the box - thanks for that one Nana;)

A good and sugary start to the day!

Pulling the Crackers

Whilst in England, we had a traditional roast turkey dinner.

Obviously that includes Christmas crackers! 

Well, not obviously, as they dont have them in Norway;)

Tim loves this tradition and I think its going to be a favourite with Tae too!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

16th-22nd December - Pre Christmas Family Time

We got out of our beds at 4.15am to catch our first flight at 6am.

It is always worth the early mornings and navigating 3 airports to get time with family!

We crammed a lot into 6 days in England...

family party
christmas market
brass band concerts
tea drinking
santa visit
birthday celebrations
christmas dinner
.... lots of smiles, memories and giggles

Miss you
Love you
Happy Christmas!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Card Out Takes :D

This year's Christmas card shoot in our driveway was filled with lots of laughter!!

Tim and Tae have spark between them and when I have them bullying up on me it is double trouble.

90% of the photos taken were filled with giggling boys.

Here are a few of my favourites that didnt make the cut: