Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Tree Teamwork!!

Christmas music on  - check
Lights in place - check
Ornaments at the ready - check
Santa hats on - check
2 excited boys - double check :D
.... and we began

This year was lots of fun decorating the Christmas tree.

Tim was old enough to take charge and do alot more of the higher branches and Tae could actually join in:)

Tae putting on a very special ornament.

I was very amused to notice that Tim put all the decorations he has made over the years in the middle of the tree together as a collection:)

Our tree has ornaments that have been collected, gifted or made over the years. Designer it is not; but we love it!!

Lets hope the needles don't drop too early and that Tae is not too tempted to play with it!!

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