Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Tante and Onkel Time!

Tae had a lovely time with his Tante and Onkel this Christmas.

He did some baking with Tante T.

and lets just say there were lots of giggles involved with Onkel R ......

Pre-Christmas Chill Out

This Christmas we travelled to celebrate with my MIL and my BIL and his family were also there. 

We all got there a few days early and had a chance to relax a little before the main event kicked off.

Tae spent a great deal of time doing his favourite thing at farmors - watching the boats and ferries throught the living room window. 

Uncle R showed him how to use the binoculars and he was in heaven!!

He also spent quite a lot of time with his cousin I.

Mainly, everyone relaxed and just hung out....

There was also a lot of  time spent playing games and generally having fun!

Lots of cuddles were had.

Tae was certainly loved on by everyone!

Monday, 29 December 2014

Snow time

The snow arrived on Christmas day

and it kept falling.

Both boys love the snow and after being inside for a while, it was good for them to let off steam outside.

So much fun with only little pieces of plastic for help:)

#happyboys #happymummy

Tim - being Tim!

Just a quick insight into life with Tim... Nothing too exciting, but an everyday moment, captured on my camera:)

Such skill - the boy will go far;) 

Love him!!


Tim is lucky to have 2 cousins his own age. Cousin T. in England is two months older than him and Cousin I. in Norway is 5 months younger than him.

So, this Christmas, is was time for him to hook up with cousin  I. 
After going through these pictures I have realised how much they have grown up! How can they look like teenagers???? .... obviously due to the fact they are!!

Two thirteen year olds!! 

They also get on very well together. 

They hung out, watched movies, decorated Tae's birthday cake and Farmor's Christmas tree and built lego together.

I happen to think they are both rather gorgeous! But I am biased;)

Monday, 22 December 2014

Happy Birthday Tae! 6 years old today!

My gorgeous, sensitive and silly boy is six years old today.

His sweet nature is still there, but the super sillies have also arrived!

His love of life is infectious!

Sa Rang Hae!

Happy birthday Tae!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Decorating the Christmas Tree

This year I set the tree up and left it overnight before decorating it.

It's the first time I was in charge of set up and I was not convinced it would fall over in the night;)

So, as it remained standing after 24 hours we set about the decorating.

I love my Georg Jensen silver star on the top - a little bit of class in the chaos.

I love that it has ornaments collected over the years and special ones made by the boys. It also includes one I made when I was 3 years old - the good old 2 red covered selotape rolls and a gold bell - my mum is hanging it below!

It is always a family affair with christmas music being blasted out!

It was lovely to have my mum along to help this year - in fact most of it was done by Tim and her:))

A merry time was had by all!!

Advent Lights

Each Suday in Advent we light the advent candles. In line with Norwegian school tradition a special song is sung while each candle is lit.

This year Tae was very excited by this as he does this in class each week too. He decided that he would be the chief candle lighter.

He also decided that Tim would be the chief singer. Have I mentioned how bossy he is getting recently!

It is another nice and simple tradition to add to our list. The boys and I all enjoy it and we can do it together in under 5 minutes;)

Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas Card photoshoot 2014

There were some classic out takes that may be shared after Christmas with Tim's permission - let's just say he took a while to warm up to having his picture taken;)