Sunday, 21 December 2014

Decorating the Christmas Tree

This year I set the tree up and left it overnight before decorating it.

It's the first time I was in charge of set up and I was not convinced it would fall over in the night;)

So, as it remained standing after 24 hours we set about the decorating.

I love my Georg Jensen silver star on the top - a little bit of class in the chaos.

I love that it has ornaments collected over the years and special ones made by the boys. It also includes one I made when I was 3 years old - the good old 2 red covered selotape rolls and a gold bell - my mum is hanging it below!

It is always a family affair with christmas music being blasted out!

It was lovely to have my mum along to help this year - in fact most of it was done by Tim and her:))

A merry time was had by all!!

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