Sunday, 14 December 2014

Santa Lucia - Star Boy

Last Friday was Tae's classes turn to lead the school assembly. We were only notified a few days before, so it was a lovely surprise (even though I had to cancel my hairdresser appointment - what is grey hair, when memories are being made;)

I love that it is my son, who is the one that always has to wave at his mummy - e.v.e.r.y. time! Once a mummy's boy, always a mummy's boy - and he is so proud to be it too;)

He was also VERY serious and concentrated throughout! It was nice that he stood next to his friend for the concert too:)

It was lucky that my Mum and Auntie were visiting for the weekend, so they could attend. 

We made sure to get there early to secure a seat.

He was very excited and had been performing a few of the songs at home already. He does a fabulous version of 'We wish you a merry christmas'!

He walked in with his class (and the other class in his year) and he was positioned front row, right in the middle. I had thought he had grown quite a bit recently, but when you see him with his peers, you can really appreciate he is quite tiny.

He did great and sang his heart out. The photos were not the best as they were taken on a zoom lense from the back of a dark school hall! But they still capture part of the magic for me:)

My Auntie and mum loved it and were so pleased to have had the chance to attend a 'school prduction'. When you live in another country to your family this is a unique special event. You don't take these opportunities for granted like you may when they live around the corner and can turn up whenever they are free!

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