Saturday, 25 May 2013

Tae's First Story

The other night Tim put Tae to bed (which in fairness is quite often these days;). Instead of reading a story from a book to him, he retold the story of the  fairy tale Hansel and Gretel (he made a point to mention 'in a nice way'). I'm guessing this was due to recently watching the film 'Hansel and Gretel - Witches Hunters' with Tig.

Tae loved it! When he had finished  Tae decided it was his turn to tell a story. So for the record, in print, here is Mr Tae's first ever story!!!

"Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess and a beautiful castle. Then a monster came and eated all the carrots... Grrrrr!!"

As his mother I think it is fabulous!!! Lets be honest, he included characters, a setting, adjectives and action - a future storyteller in the making.

The photos are Tae pretending to be a mermaid (to be specific - Marianne the Mermaid!) We tried to convince him to be a prince, but he was very determined that he was a mermaid:))

Friday, 24 May 2013

Classy Ladies!!

Since moving to Norway I have learnt many things.

A key person in developing my new skills and knowledge has been the fabulous I.

Along with chopping wood and how to be a Norwegian mother, she has taught me an appreciation of fine foods and champagne!

Also that life on an island is relaxed - comfort and practicality is the key!

It is not just anyone who can carry off wearing Crocs, whilst carrying champagne and a truffle sausage over a meadow!

I am still amazed she had me on a neighboring island picking wild garlic. (It makes the most amazing oil!) Loved the picking, but due to potential snakes we had to wear our wellie boots!!

FYI - I have the BIGGEST snake phobia ever!

Can't beat wellie boots, shorts, cap and beer combo! My mother would be proud:)

I. you have taught me well;)

Thursday, 23 May 2013

How to toast and eat marsh-mellows!

After a wonderful BBQ of grilled lobster and ribs it was time for the boys favourite part.


There is an art form to getting the perfect toasted effect and extra equipment may be needed.

However, perfection has different definitions depending on your personal taste.

11 year old boys feel the need to set marsh-mellows on fire and burn them. Personally, I prefer the just about melted, not black effect.

There is the single or quadruple stacked versions.

Regardless - the act of toasting often appears to be the best part!

Tae certainly enjoyed his big brothers hard work.

Then the sun went down on a great day!

Long Weekend in Hardanger

At 6pm on the 17th May we packed up the car and sped off to Hardanger for a long weekend.

Nothing beats the Norwegian countryside - fresh air, silence and fjords.

The sun shone down and that meant plenty of opportunities to cool off in the water!

It was still rather cold! 

 Both Tim and O didn't seem to mind.

Tae was loving his first wet suit - looked just like his big brother;)

He even got very brave!

He not only jumping off the rocks, he waded in right above his tummy.

To warm up they then relaxed in the hot tub.

While the boys had fun, the adults relaxed in their way.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

17th May continued....

After all the photos taken in the garden, we headed into town. We met a few people we knew, hung out, and hit the funfair.

This year it was a very quick trip. There were so many people and it was rather noisy. Tae really didn't like it, so we headed home for lunch.

After lunch it was time to take part in the school parade. Tim walked with his class and Tae and I walked at the back with his barnehage.

In true tradition it began to rain. However, the boys still had a great time.

Tae enjoyed his ice cream and Tim spent the whole time working the lucky spinning wheel. 

As you can see, Tim's school is undergoing major repairs. This meant less space available this year:(

It is Grade 6's responsibility to man the stands. Money raised from this activity goes towards their end of school celebrations when they leave the school at the end of Grade 7. 

He had lots of fun and took his job very seriously - Most of the stalls were simple activities like organising a sack race. His was a little more complex. He had to hand out the name cards, work out the system of multiple buying discounts, provide change, spin the wheel, declare the winner and hand out prizes!! Apparently it was not as simple as it looked with big crowds demanding his attention:)

Tae took his job of eating ice cream seriously too;0

We finished off the day racing home, packing the car and driving off to Hardanger for the weekend!!

Monday, 20 May 2013

17th May - National Day!!

This year at school in preparation to the festivities, Tim learned all about who designed the Norwegian flag and who wrote the national anthem. 

The 17th May is a time to celebrate everything that is Norwegian. Clothes, food and family. I love the chance to get dressed up and be with my men. One tradition I have managed to convince the boys to agree to is photos in the garden before heading into town and the funfair!!

Tae was very smart in his national costume!

Tim was very dapper in his suit!

I actually managed to get a sensible smile in my picture with Tae!!
(not as easy as you may think)

All in all - we had a great start to the day!