Friday, 3 May 2013


OK, I tend to take lots of photos on my phone which usually just stay there. I want a record of all aspects of our life and for this reason I love instgram. Snap, filter and post:)

My phone photos capture our life on the go, doing what we just do - nothing too fancy!

However, most of my phone pictures do have a background story/reason;)

Hence, I am now just going to do a photo drop!!

Mr 'I've come downstairs at 9 pm and said I do not want to sleep'! Although charming, the smile didn't work - off to bed he went (again) 

The boy has standards, while his brother and I enjoyed our McFlurries, he insisted on proper ice-cream, a scoop each of pistachio and cappacino!

He wanted to go shopping in a one piece - I think not!! It took some discussion with this individual to understand that.

Someone lost x-box playing time for 3 days. This mummy put the remotes in her handbag just to be sure;)

Evening dinner in our house - fell asleep just after coming to the table and just before it was served.

Poorly boy:(

Ipad (or Ipab as he says) + a bisciut = 1 happy boy.

An everyday sight in my living room

When his brother went to scout camp he hijacked his room and books;) Please note he took his own Mickey and bucket with him.

Walked into the living room, turned the light on, heard a light bulb click out, sighed, walked out, rummaged in the kitchen, came back re-positioned the coffee table and viola!! Changed the light bulb while I sat amused watching from the sofa - growing up waaaay too fast, but at least it is mostly in the right direction:)

Can't beat sleeping bag caterpillar on a Thursday night!

Snow in MAY - enough said!

Love a good and much needed haircut!!

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  1. Do you know what - my friend does that as well - takes the controls from the XBox out with her when her son is ill just to make sure he's not pulling a fast one!

    And that's a good haircut -reminds me that my boys need a trip to the hairdressers too (not barbers - scares me).