Saturday, 11 May 2013

Fresh Air

A long weekend means nice family time. However, this weekend I need to study and the weather sucks!

Yep - sucks, I don't use this phrase lightly.

It is May and rainy and cold.

When a break in the clouds appeared on Thursday afternoon, I seized the moment, grabbed my camera, ordered the 3 men in my life (erm.. that would be politely requested) to get their shoes on and we would do a quick trip to feed the ducks.

(disclaimer: Tim thinks the rain-suit Tae is wearing is "ridiculous". Claiming 'it is just wrong to put anyone, let alone his brother in that bright yellow outfit'! I stand by the fact he is 4 years old, and it is cute:) 

It all started very promising with Tae having fun on his scooter and Tig and Tim chatting away.

Just as we approached the ducks the rain came.....

Not a little, but a lot!

Basically it poured down.

So, Tig and Tim quickly threw the bread at the poultry and off we quickly ran home.

I tried to stay positive as the water dripped off my nose, smiling at everyone stating at least we got out the house and had some lovely fresh air. This is Tim's happy face as we finally got home.

Tig may have also mentioned that although he still loved me, after this, perhaps a little bit less - not one of my better ideas;)

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