Saturday, 27 October 2012

Tim's promotion to 11-a-side!

In Norway, the rule is that you start playing 5-a-side football when you are 6 years old. At 9 years old you move on to 7-a-side.

Finally when you are 12 years old you start 11-a-side on a full side pitch.

Tims started playing for his team straight away in Grade 1. I can count on both my hands the amount of training sessions he has missed in the last 5 years!

He is now in his final year of 7-a-side football. His team played their final league game of the season this week, but they still have a few cups to play!
Last week a few of the trainers at his club chose 15 players from all the 2001 boys to start an 11-a-side training team. Tim was chosen!
It is quite a privilege and I am very proud of him. Only 3 boys from his team were chosen. It means he will now practise with 2 teams. The 7-a-side team and the 11-a-side team.
The 11-a-side team had their first match this week. A friendly against a team of boys one year older. They won 13-2!!

It was strange seeing him play on such a huge pitch. The first half he was in defence. The second half he played midfield/attack.

He did great and even set up a couple of the goals.
Obviously, this will involve more training time, but as long as he enjoys it - let's be honest, he loves his football, I'm happy to organise and juggle the timetable for drop off and pick ups:)

Friday, 26 October 2012

First Snowfall

Yesterday was the first snowfall of the year.
On and off throughout the day lots of the white stuff fell from the sky!
At times it felt like a full snow storm.
So after I put the boys to bed, I curled up on the sofa, threw a few logs on the fire, lit the candles and I was all set. Netflick has also arrived in Norway, so being able to watch 2 films back to back was an added bonus.
Today, it was lovely to see how pretty the snow was on the trees.
It feels freezing cold at 3c, but I loved the bright blue skies that came with it.
Tim was excited with all the snow, however, Tae was not loving all the cold wet stuff......

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Tim's Tooth

I love the age that Tim is.

He is quite savvy for his age and has an understanding of a lot of grown up concepts, but I would not say he is mature for his age.
There is the real link between wanting to be grown up and embracing his childhood that I love (and I'm holding onto as long as I can;)
The other day he lost a tooth.
He had been wobbling it for a while and insisting I inspect it at various stages of wobbliness - (what is it with my boys who insist I NEED to see the yucky things in their lives)!!
Anyway the day came and his tooth fell out. I can't remember the last time a tooth fell out, I think it was a few years back.
He was sooooo proud to show it off.

At bed time he placed it in a glass of water and put it on his bedside table.
Before bed he insisted I come and see exactly where he placed it. I laughed and asked why he was showing me? Surely it was the tooth fairy that needed that informaton.
He gave me one of his rolling eyes look, followed by 'Muuuum'.
But my point is......
He knows there is no tooth fairy.
I know there is no tooth fairy.
He knows, I know there is no tooth fairy.
I know, he knows there is no tooth fairy.
Yet, the glass was placed, the tooth fairy waited until he fell asleep before visiting and he was very excited in the morning to recieve his money:)
.... and we will do it all again soon as he now has a new wobbly tooth!
Love my boy!!

Thursday, 18 October 2012


"The smile on my face does not mean my life is perfect. It means I appreciate what I have and what God has blessed me with!"

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Friday, 12 October 2012

Autumn Break

This Autumn break has been unlike most others.
Firstly, we stayed home the whole time.

Secondly, we had no agenda, big plans or activities scheduled.
We just chilled.
Because that is what we needed to do!
I caught up on all those small niggly jobs I have needed to do forever.
I've cleaned, dusted, decluttered, organised and bought a new rug. I also did plenty of studying (but, not as much as I should have).
The boys .....I let them do whatever they wanted!!! Shock, horror, a first in this house;)

Tim was especially happy with this idea:)
Basically I did not schedule their time - suggest things or organise trips. So even though the weather has been sunny skies on some days, I decided to let them choose.
There has been computer, TV, piano and music playing by one son. Cartoons, train tracks, walking around with his manbag (redbucket filled with planes & cars), lego, drawing and play kitchen by the other.

Obvioulsy, I have been here and hung out with them, having no agenda for the week has been really weird for me. (I nearly caved in and took them ice skating - the next day Tim's friend called and invited him so he ended up going anyway:)
However, they survived and I think they enjoyed the cosy, hermit style existence we have had!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

New photographer in the family

Oh my goodness!!
The expression 'you reap what you sow' has never been so true!!
I like taking photos of the boys and tend to take 'quite' a few.
Today I had a bit of a photo session with the boys to put together the Christmas card (yes, I am that OCD organised person in October).
Tonight I heard my mini me....

"Now I take pictures of Pappa ... put you head up.....  (giggles ) smile .... hand there.. noooo.... there.....
Now mummy ....come sit on this chair....(giggles) ..... just there..  cheese, (comes over and fluffs my hair)...... dont move!
Pappa you come here now ....sit there ....(giggles)"

Oh dear, am I really that bad? - Family members don't comment!!!

It was very funny and a true reality check that he pays far more attention than I give him credit and that he misses NOTHING!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Autumn has arrived

I love Autumn.
Dark nights.
Leaves changing colour on the trees.
Crisp coolness in the air.
Cosy nights in.
It is my favourite season. In the evenings after the boys head to bed and the room is cleared of all toys...
I get out the candles, make a nice cup of tea, grab a handful of chocolates, throw some logs on the fire and I'm all set.
Peace and quiet, and who can resist candles that have names like cashmere or soft blanket - they smell delicious.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Bye Bye Curls - Hello Big Boy

I love Tae with longer hair.
However, it gets to a certain length and it is so thick with a wave, it has to be trimmed back.
So off we went.
He was a.m.a.z.i.n.g at the hairdressers. He sat perfectly still with a very serious look on his face (apart for giggles with the water spray) the WHOLE time and moved his head exactly as Frederick asked him too!!!
We have come a looooong way. Frederick has trained him well:)

It was especially cute when we came home.
As he walked in the room, Tim jumped off the sofa, swept him into a big cuddle whilst exclaiming 'Wow, aren't you a hamsome devil?!' 

I might just agree!