Sunday, 21 October 2012

Tim's Tooth

I love the age that Tim is.

He is quite savvy for his age and has an understanding of a lot of grown up concepts, but I would not say he is mature for his age.
There is the real link between wanting to be grown up and embracing his childhood that I love (and I'm holding onto as long as I can;)
The other day he lost a tooth.
He had been wobbling it for a while and insisting I inspect it at various stages of wobbliness - (what is it with my boys who insist I NEED to see the yucky things in their lives)!!
Anyway the day came and his tooth fell out. I can't remember the last time a tooth fell out, I think it was a few years back.
He was sooooo proud to show it off.

At bed time he placed it in a glass of water and put it on his bedside table.
Before bed he insisted I come and see exactly where he placed it. I laughed and asked why he was showing me? Surely it was the tooth fairy that needed that informaton.
He gave me one of his rolling eyes look, followed by 'Muuuum'.
But my point is......
He knows there is no tooth fairy.
I know there is no tooth fairy.
He knows, I know there is no tooth fairy.
I know, he knows there is no tooth fairy.
Yet, the glass was placed, the tooth fairy waited until he fell asleep before visiting and he was very excited in the morning to recieve his money:)
.... and we will do it all again soon as he now has a new wobbly tooth!
Love my boy!!

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