Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Another Mountain Conquered

Tae was on another hike with day care today!

Mountain number Four has been conquered.

He is really enjoying each challenge.

He also loved that he had to catch 2 buses.... yes 2 buses, to transport him to the base of the mountain and home again. Have I mentioned his love of all transport? Who knew buses could be so exciting. That was almost as thrilling as the hike itself. I think he told me three times about the bus ride;)

He came home with a mucky face and dirty knees.

A sure sign of a good time.

He was also in a very silly mood.

These photos sum his cheeky personality perfectly.

He truely is my little ray of sunshine.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Easter Break - Riding in Champis

My friend G, bought his delightful wife I, the best birthday present this year!

She got what every women dreams for...

A mini tractor

Well, every women who has a cabin on an island with no cars;)
I think G was very happy with it too!!

So this was our for trip to the island since 'Champis' had arrived.

The name obviously comes from its owners love of champange and will be used for transport of said bubbles (and maybe other useful things:)

The boys had so much fun when G had to fill Champis with all the rubbish from the big Grill party and drive it to the other side of the island.

Nothing brings these smiles quite like a tractor ride.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Easter in Norway - Saturday

We travelled back to Norway on Good Friday.

My mum came back with us. The original plan had been to have a quiet weekend at home.

However, plans change;)

We got home, unpacked - repacked - slept - woke - drove to Hardanger (as you do)

to stay with 'The Lovely Ones'.

My mum is not a big fan of boats, but as the only access to the island is across water, her options were limited. She did very well climbing in and out of the boat and appeared only a little nervous.

On arrival, plans were well underway for an afternoon of fun. My friends had organised a whole island event. 
First up was a treasure hunt to the top of the mountain where the children would find their easter eggs, followed by a bbq of whole roasted baby pig, homemade Angus beef burgers and a shared pot luck lunch,

G & I do not do things by half!

I went on the hunt with the children, whilst the others cooked and finished off the final preparations!

Gotta love a boy who can carry off wearing bunny ears all day!

Tim and O were a team on their own and I went with T, A and Tae, luckily at the last minute B.E. joined our team and he was a great help (especially with the steep parts and tricky questions).

It is a beautiful walk to the top and we got to meet the friendly cow on the way up (rumour has it, that she is the oldest cow alive in Norway)

The 20 questions on the way up were great fun and gave everyone a chance to answer. They included collecting three specific types of leaves, how many types of sheep in the world, number of candy in the jar and how many legs on a spider.

Happiness truely happend at the top when the Easter eggs were found!  The Easter bunny had been up there earlier to deliver them. Tae had gone to the top just ahead of us - he knew the eggs were there and the boy was on a mission.

When I reached the top there he was proudly holding his egg!  I asked how he know which was his? He explained a nice lady asked him his name, so he re-enacted slapping his chest while stating his full name clearly:) She then magically gave him his egg - happy boy!

Then it was time to head down for the yummy food and be met by my crazy friends.

It's not Easter unless you share a glass of champagne with a chicken.
Proud to have two crazy friends:))

Tim wore his ears all day, even with a wardrobe change!

Easter Break in England

At the last minute I decided to book a quick visit to the UK for Easter.

So the boys and I headed off. 

We took on a new challenge and took the airport express bus. Shockingly, the bus stop is a ten minute walk from my front door, but it has never occured to us to take it - we have always tended to take taxi's;)

It was soooo easy and sooo much cheaper:))

Over the three days we took a bit of time to chill out, shop and see family.

I bought Tim a new trick scooter which he loved. Tae had lots of fun with Nana & Grandad's stock of toys! They also have the best driveway to play on.

Nana and Grandad with the boys! Quite a challenge to photograph and I'm not saying who was the biggest challenge;)

We also spent time at my sister's house. 
Tae loves it. 
I am sure it is the extra time with his cousins, aunty and uncle, but a garden full of toys and especially the guinea pig are a big bonus!

Whenever we are there, Tim disappears off with cousin T and his friends and we usually do not hear or see them until I have to round him up to go back to Nana's house. 
(hence no photos -  I have it reported that there was xbox playing, street games, scooter riding and general fun happening)

It's always fun having cuddles with his big cousin B!

and uncle A, provides peels of laughter with the jiggle game - 

Lots of fun squeezed into three days - next time will be the summer.