Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Cabin by Tim

Tim had a story writing assignment for his English homework last week. They have been studying the Narnia series at school. They were asked to write a short story (between 400-500 words) about walking through a magical wardrobe. He attends a Norwegian school and English is his second language (he is totally a Norwegian boy;). I have spoken English with him since he was a baby and I am constantly impressed and proud at how well he articulates in English and the depth of vocabulary he has. His grammar is not too bad either! He does not enjoy writing in any language, but when he puts his mind to it, he can do it!!! So here is his story:).


                                                         The Cabin  by Tim

Well here it goes, my name is Lucius and this is the story about The Cabin…….

It all starts with the sleepover I had with my friends Henry, Christina and Rebecca. It was just a regular sleepover until Henry suggested that we should sleep in the attic. So off we went to sleep in the attic. Half way through the night I needed to go to the bathroom, when I was done and on my way back to the attic where we were sleeping, I noticed a there was a huge wardrobe in a separate room. I’d never seen it before, I just thought it’s just a wardrobe and went to bed again. I thought about the wardrobe all night and wondered why nobody had told me about it. First thing in the morning when I woke up the girls and Henry, I told them about the wardrobe and we decided that we were going to search the wardrobe after breakfast.

We went downstairs and ate breakfast of egg and bacon. Once we were finished, we went upstairs to see what was in the mysterious wardrobe. We opened the wardrobe door carefully and heard them creek. We all stepped in silently looking at each other. We walked further in until we realised that they was no back wall. As we walked further in we could hear the twitter of birds. There we were standing in the middle of the old untouched woods.

We noticed straight away a pathway and we all started walking along it. After walking for about ten minutes, we discovered an old log cabin. It looked untouched as if there had been nobody there for at least seventy years. We walked into the cabin not knowing what we would find. Oddly enough there was a fire lit in the fireplace and all the candles were lit, but there was a cold feeling in the air. There was nobody around. Leading off from the main living room there was some stairs down to a cellar, we decided to go down the stairs. Half way down we heard some light thuds. We ignored them and kept going.

We hauled the steal cellar door open and saw a twisted old women curled up in the corner screaming to herself “I am alone, I am not alone, I am alone”! Henry shouted “get out” and we ran as fast as we could. I slammed the door behind us. Before we knew it we were back by the wardrobe. We were all out of breathe and Rebecca and Christina were crying. Once we had gotten our breathe back we went into the wardrobe and shutting the door tightly behind us.

Afterwards we decided to take the wardrobe to the dump. We wrapped the wardrobe with lots of chains and put a massive lock on it. We all agreed to never speak of this again.

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