Saturday, 26 April 2014

Easter Break in England

At the last minute I decided to book a quick visit to the UK for Easter.

So the boys and I headed off. 

We took on a new challenge and took the airport express bus. Shockingly, the bus stop is a ten minute walk from my front door, but it has never occured to us to take it - we have always tended to take taxi's;)

It was soooo easy and sooo much cheaper:))

Over the three days we took a bit of time to chill out, shop and see family.

I bought Tim a new trick scooter which he loved. Tae had lots of fun with Nana & Grandad's stock of toys! They also have the best driveway to play on.

Nana and Grandad with the boys! Quite a challenge to photograph and I'm not saying who was the biggest challenge;)

We also spent time at my sister's house. 
Tae loves it. 
I am sure it is the extra time with his cousins, aunty and uncle, but a garden full of toys and especially the guinea pig are a big bonus!

Whenever we are there, Tim disappears off with cousin T and his friends and we usually do not hear or see them until I have to round him up to go back to Nana's house. 
(hence no photos -  I have it reported that there was xbox playing, street games, scooter riding and general fun happening)

It's always fun having cuddles with his big cousin B!

and uncle A, provides peels of laughter with the jiggle game - 

Lots of fun squeezed into three days - next time will be the summer.

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