Sunday, 30 December 2012

Heartbreakers - #1 & #2

Julenisse Time

This year is Tae's second encounter with Julenisse.
He came to visit us before our evening meal on Christmas Eve.
Tae was was fasinated, but not too sure at all.
To begin with he put his photobook between him and Nisse.
I love how Tim could not stop smiling while watching Tae with Nisse.
Then he found the salt and pepper father christmas and snowman and began to talk to Nisse all about them!
He refused to go nearer than a few steps away from him. When Nisse tried to have him sit on his knee there was real panic in his eyes. Nisse was OK - but only at arms length, when collecting his gift.
Tim was quite happy to sit next to Nisse, although he did say it felt really weird, like he was a total stranger;)'
Nisse bought a transformer plane for Tae ( which he specifically asked for) and a Hex bug for Tim.
Tae was happy when Nisse left and went straight to the window to see if he could watch him fly away!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Stockings

As is tradition in our house we started Christmas Eve morning with Stocking, new P.J's and photobooks.
The boys love coming down to find them in front of the fire.
I love that they open the photobooks first:)
This year Tim chose the Pj's they recieved. Super Mario!! He had seen them earlier in the year and noticed they had both their sizes and he asked if these could be the Christmas ones.
The fact he still enjoys matching his brother was a good enough reason for me to agree and buy them (even if they were not my first or 10th choice).
So as per usual, the day began as Christmas is meant to, with lots of sweeties and excitement!

Christmas Tree

This year due to my injured foot and the crazy schedule we have all been on, we didn't make it to our favourite farm to cut down our tree this year:(
However, we managed to find a decent tree at the local shopping centre that did the job.... and the fact it was the quickest bought tree in our families history was a bonus for Tig!!
Tig organised the lights, then it was over to the boys to begin the decorations.

This year was quite special as it is the first year Tim is tall enough to reach up (on step ladders) and put the star on top.
(3m high ceiling)

They had lots of fun decorating as Christmas music blasted out.

Tae can multi-task and decorate the tree whilst still holding onto his plane. In fairness, he can do most things with a plane in his hand.

Tae was very helpful and kept handing things for Tim to place high up.

 They did a great job!

I tried to take a picture of them in front of the tree when they had finished.

Not everyone cooperated.


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Pepperkake House Time

We are a little late this year with our Pepperkake houses. So this year Tig made two simple houses for the boys to decorate.
We had the usual mountain of sweeties to decorate and once I'd made the icing they were all set. This year Tim wanted red icing, so red it was:)
I think Tae ate more sweeties than he put on his house this year, but that is half the fun.
Tim on the other had was more controlled.
I like to think that Tae was all about the eating and Tim the creating;)
They both had fun anyway.
Both absolutely fabulous!!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Tae turns 4!!

My gorgeous boy is 4!!
The time has flown.

We carried out our tradition of measuring both boys to record their heights. Tae is now 98.5cm (Average Korean 4 year old boys is 102cm, Average Norwegian 4 year old boy is 103cm).
They say the best things come in small packages;)

Tim is 151cm!

Tae was very excited to celebrate his birthday this year. He knew the drill: Balloons, a crown, cake with candles and presents:))
He squealed with delight when we got his presents out.


He was very excited by one parcel and kept looking in the bag and smiling, he then went around and showed everyone what was in the bag - yet still not unpacking it!! It was a large Mickey Mouse:)
With all the fancy ribbon and lots of gifts to open, he needed a little help from his big brother.
 This year he was a very lucky boy with clothes, pj's, a fire tuck, tent, cash register, a car game, Mickey Mouse, lots of books and a car track for gifts.
Cousin H decided that since Tae LOVES lollipops, all his cards had to have one stuck to them.

Tim had bought him a tent - he loved disappearing inside with all his new gifts! I was not allowed to photograph through the door, but told to take one through the ventialtion mesh in the roof;)

Not the best picture conditions!
Since he loves Mickey Mouse, my MIL and I went about creating a Mickey cake (thank you pinterest) - Ok my MIL made it and I helped...

Tae certainly enjoyed it!
The birthday crown he recieved from Barnehagen was decorated with planes, police cars, fire tucks and all sorts of vehicles. They know my boy:)
Happy Birthday little man!!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Card Outtakes

This year I decided to get all fancy and pull out some christmas props for our annual Christmas card.
Major fail!!


2 children, Santa hats + signs = disaster
What was I thinking??
(I personally think Pinterest has a lot to answer for:)
So after ditching the props we went with the best props ever.....
My boy's smiles.
So, here are the winners that made the cut:


Merry Christmas!!!