Saturday, 1 December 2012

Weekend Break

Hi Ho, off to visit MIL we go!
We took the coastal steamer to visit my MIL this weekend.
Tae was very excited to go on another cruise ship. Tim accepted the fact that although this has traditionally been a Tim and Pappa trip, Mummy and Tae could come along this year too.
Every year during the first weekend of Advent, Tig attends a Christmas celebration in his home town with old friends. Usually I stay home, but this year, since Tae loves his boats (and his Farmor) we decided to join them.
We boarded the ship at 6.30pm and after dropping off our things in our cabins, Tae and I hit the cafe and playroom while Tig and Tim sorted the car out and did some shopping.
We ate a lovely dinner on board and had a couple of drinks in the bar before turning in.
I got to bunk down with Tae (and Mickey), Tig called in and said goodnight, before sneaking off witht the iPad;) 
It was great to wake up in the morning and arrive at MIL house without the 7 hour drive:)

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