Sunday, 23 December 2012

Pepperkake House Time

We are a little late this year with our Pepperkake houses. So this year Tig made two simple houses for the boys to decorate.
We had the usual mountain of sweeties to decorate and once I'd made the icing they were all set. This year Tim wanted red icing, so red it was:)
I think Tae ate more sweeties than he put on his house this year, but that is half the fun.
Tim on the other had was more controlled.
I like to think that Tae was all about the eating and Tim the creating;)
They both had fun anyway.
Both absolutely fabulous!!

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  1. I bought my gingerbread house from Ikea for Ben to decorate and it was a disaster from start to finish especially when the roof started sliding off. We just decorated the panels in the end and when I told my friend, she said she had the same problem as well the previous year - thing is - she was with me in Ikea when I bought the house and she didn't mention it at the time! Yours looks a lot more successful than ours.