Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Tree

This year due to my injured foot and the crazy schedule we have all been on, we didn't make it to our favourite farm to cut down our tree this year:(
However, we managed to find a decent tree at the local shopping centre that did the job.... and the fact it was the quickest bought tree in our families history was a bonus for Tig!!
Tig organised the lights, then it was over to the boys to begin the decorations.

This year was quite special as it is the first year Tim is tall enough to reach up (on step ladders) and put the star on top.
(3m high ceiling)

They had lots of fun decorating as Christmas music blasted out.

Tae can multi-task and decorate the tree whilst still holding onto his plane. In fairness, he can do most things with a plane in his hand.

Tae was very helpful and kept handing things for Tim to place high up.

 They did a great job!

I tried to take a picture of them in front of the tree when they had finished.

Not everyone cooperated.


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