Sunday, 30 December 2012

Julenisse Time

This year is Tae's second encounter with Julenisse.
He came to visit us before our evening meal on Christmas Eve.
Tae was was fasinated, but not too sure at all.
To begin with he put his photobook between him and Nisse.
I love how Tim could not stop smiling while watching Tae with Nisse.
Then he found the salt and pepper father christmas and snowman and began to talk to Nisse all about them!
He refused to go nearer than a few steps away from him. When Nisse tried to have him sit on his knee there was real panic in his eyes. Nisse was OK - but only at arms length, when collecting his gift.
Tim was quite happy to sit next to Nisse, although he did say it felt really weird, like he was a total stranger;)'
Nisse bought a transformer plane for Tae ( which he specifically asked for) and a Hex bug for Tim.
Tae was happy when Nisse left and went straight to the window to see if he could watch him fly away!

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