Thursday, 13 December 2012

Tim being Tim!

Tonight Tim and I did some late night shopping and had some lovely one on one time. The plan was that he would come with me to the late night opening sale at a local shopping center to help pick out new sleds for him and Tae for Christmas. However, although he was excited to come, he thought it was a waste of money to buy two! They already have a few others at home and we only needed one more to add to the collection. No amount of coaxing could make him choose a new sled for himself. We chose a very cool superdooper one that he says they can share. Love this boy!
Then when we were going to leave, he asks if he can put all his loose change in a charity box.
Then in the car on the way home we had another chat.
I asked(again) what he wanted for Christmas, he kept saying I don't need anything. (Ok -  he has said he reeaaallly wants an xbox, but knows that is not an option). I explained that it was not what he needed, but something he wanted. I tried pushing it as we really don't have a list to tell family or to use ourselves (although I may have bought a few bits already;) 

He really kept on that he didn't need or want anything in particular. So I suggested I buy a goat for a farmer in another country who did need it in his name. He LOVED this idea. He got very excited, but, he quite fancied buying a pig. He discussed/asked whether he would have part ownership of the animal with the farmer. I explained that no, the pig would be the farmers, gifted in his name. Still loved the idea. Could I be more proud?? He has such a kind heart. So I'm off to google this option for him. If a pig is too tricky to find, chickens or a cow would be cool too!!
After that discussion, he shared what he had written in his Christmas letter that he wrote during an English lesson in school. Apparently the other childrens lists were pretty loooong.

Dear Santa

I actually don't really want anything special for Christmas. But it would be nice if I got at least something.

Kind regards


My favourite part was when he explained, "I wrote 'kind regards' because I don't actually know who Santa is, so I wouldn't write 'love from' to a stranger;)
Tim can be a real monkey at times and he certainly has a bucket load of personality. However, behind his cool, tough exterior there is a very sweet caring boy underneath.

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