Saturday, 22 December 2012

Tae turns 4!!

My gorgeous boy is 4!!
The time has flown.

We carried out our tradition of measuring both boys to record their heights. Tae is now 98.5cm (Average Korean 4 year old boys is 102cm, Average Norwegian 4 year old boy is 103cm).
They say the best things come in small packages;)

Tim is 151cm!

Tae was very excited to celebrate his birthday this year. He knew the drill: Balloons, a crown, cake with candles and presents:))
He squealed with delight when we got his presents out.


He was very excited by one parcel and kept looking in the bag and smiling, he then went around and showed everyone what was in the bag - yet still not unpacking it!! It was a large Mickey Mouse:)
With all the fancy ribbon and lots of gifts to open, he needed a little help from his big brother.
 This year he was a very lucky boy with clothes, pj's, a fire tuck, tent, cash register, a car game, Mickey Mouse, lots of books and a car track for gifts.
Cousin H decided that since Tae LOVES lollipops, all his cards had to have one stuck to them.

Tim had bought him a tent - he loved disappearing inside with all his new gifts! I was not allowed to photograph through the door, but told to take one through the ventialtion mesh in the roof;)

Not the best picture conditions!
Since he loves Mickey Mouse, my MIL and I went about creating a Mickey cake (thank you pinterest) - Ok my MIL made it and I helped...

Tae certainly enjoyed it!
The birthday crown he recieved from Barnehagen was decorated with planes, police cars, fire tucks and all sorts of vehicles. They know my boy:)
Happy Birthday little man!!

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  1. Oh my goodness - 4 already! He is growing up and that is a cracking crown! Love it. I want one ;o)