Sunday, 25 January 2015

Night Time Fun

The children had an absolute blast the whole weekend. Not only did they ski all day, they came back to the cabin and played outside for hours too.

Every night they also used the sauna. They stripped to their underwear, went out, dived into and rolled around in the snow, then quickly ran into the warm sauna - repeat!! No photos, as obviously underwear shots of tweens and teens is not cool, but the trust me their facial expressions and the screaming with the cold was hilarious!

Hot Chocolate Break

Obviously if you are on a cold snowy mountian, you need yummy warm drinks and snacks to keep you going.

Not only did we have hot chocolate, we had hot dogs, coffee, chocolate and biscuits. I. may also have provided some extra good refreshments for the adults too;)

Then after a quick break, they were totally energised to hit the slopes again.....

Ski Weekend Day 2 & 3

On day 2, the rolling lift and nursery slope was open. This meant Tae could go up and down by himself.

However, he still liked going fast with his brother too!

On the last day we put everyone onto the chairlift - yep, that would be Tae too!

Evidence  - I was on the slopes too!!!!!

So we got to the top and had a few red and blue slopes to ski to get to the bottom. Tae found it very exciting and was a trooper. It does needs mentioning he was also very bossy. When being skied between our legs ( I, Tim and me), he would shout and complain if we did not ski fast enough. 

Trust me, skiing on a red slope in powder with a bossy boy wanting to zoom down is not for the faint hearted.

Cabin life and After Ski

Obviously if we were sking all day, we had to chill out properly in the evenings:)

Keeping with tradition - bubbles may have been involved.

The cabin was great and allowed plenty of of space for chill out time .

G Also mentioned it was like being in an igloo as the snow was so deep it came up past the windows.

If you are in a cabin, you have to have waffles .... and perhaps some bubbles on the side!

Ski trip Day 1

So we got up early, had a yummy breakfast, took what seemed like forever to layer up and get the children kitted out and we headed to the slopes. Tae and G had fun playing monster in the middle of this too.

The cabin was ski in and out, but G drove the car down with the non skiers on the first day:)

The boys were very excited and ready to go. It took Tae a while to get his ski legs again after a year break;)

The snow kept coming and we had lovely fresh snow to ski on!

We made our base at the bottom of the green slope and let the children loose. Tae, went up the lift quite a few times, but equally enjoyed just playing in the snow!

Tim loved it all and was constanly up and down. We took turns going up and down the button lift with Tae and taking him down between our legs. He held himself quite well. He liked it best when our friend F went very fast with him!

Our friend F certainly worked hard, he was either teaching the non skiers on the green slope or taking the skiers to the top of the mountain to ski fast on the big runs:) 

That gave I and I a chance to chill out at the bottom:) Both I & G have not beeing down hill skiing in years. G mentioned something about since the 1970's! :0

However, everyone got there skiis on and had a blast!

Off they all went and quickly zipped down again.

How Our Ski Weekend Began

Last weekend we headed off straight after work and school on Thursday afternoon for a long weekend in the white stuff.

The drive was quite an adventure with seriously snow fall along the way. I certainly felt like I was an ice road trucker at certain parts of the drive!

But it was worth it when we arrived at our cabin for the weekend.

There was some digging to make a pathway down the to the door and steps made into the cabin! Tim was put in charge of digging out the the bbq at the back.

Once we had unpacked and settled in, we put the kids to bed and headed out on a midnight walk to get our bearings (note - left the older teenagers in charge!). 

Armed with a glass of Baileys we found the slopes;) and snow angels were also created!

The start of a perfect weekend:)