Sunday, 4 January 2015

Christmas Eve - Present Time!!

1 Farmor
1 Son
2 Daughter in laws 
4 Grandchildren

This equals a lot of gifts, noise, smiles and a little chaos!!

The present opening began and everyone was very happy with all that was opened (I think;)

So here is a photo run down of how it went down.......

"Seriously mum - you didn't....."

I totally did - FYI - if you want to make a teenager boy speechless give him an iPhone 6 -  he could not stop smiling.

R, did a great job of recording an overview of the chaos that was going on.

and to finish my favourite photo - Farmor stood smiling in the middle of it all!!

Now a quick run down on what the boys recieved (but not all of it:0)

iPhone 6
money (for customised xbox controller, etc)
Fifa 15
Fishing filleting knife
Clothes - Levi and SuperDry
Rucksack with drinking bag
catch game
board games
bacon toothpaste (thanks Onkel R)

Eurostar train set
Lego Fire Station
Lego Police Station
Magnet building car set
Other lego - plane, truck, cars
Remote Helicopter
bacon toothpicks (guess who from?)

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