Sunday, 25 January 2015

How Our Ski Weekend Began

Last weekend we headed off straight after work and school on Thursday afternoon for a long weekend in the white stuff.

The drive was quite an adventure with seriously snow fall along the way. I certainly felt like I was an ice road trucker at certain parts of the drive!

But it was worth it when we arrived at our cabin for the weekend.

There was some digging to make a pathway down the to the door and steps made into the cabin! Tim was put in charge of digging out the the bbq at the back.

Once we had unpacked and settled in, we put the kids to bed and headed out on a midnight walk to get our bearings (note - left the older teenagers in charge!). 

Armed with a glass of Baileys we found the slopes;) and snow angels were also created!

The start of a perfect weekend:)

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