Sunday, 11 January 2015

New Years Eve!

Yes - I know it is nearly the middle of January, but life id busy around here;)

New Year Eve 2014, was back to business as normal.

That means, rocking up at I and G's place for a sleep over.

We go over early so Tae can go julebuk with M and T. That is the cross between halloween and carol singing.

Then the boys organise the fireworks while the ladies pop open the champers.

We eat good food, laugh lots, send off an insane amount of fireworks (read those with the male gene) and drink lots of bubles (that would be me and I;)

Then we all crash into bed between 4 - 6am.

In true tradition since Tae does not like fireworks he heads to bed before 11pm and snoozes through until morning:))

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