Thursday, 28 April 2011

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter Family Fun in the Sun

It always brings a smile to my face as we walk around the corner and see my family all waiting to pick us up at the airport. Tim also gets excited and it takes a lot of control for him not to run off and into his grandparents arms!

This Easter our trip back home was full of lots of smiles and laughter (and maybe a little bit of shopping too;) Nothing beats arriving at my mum and dads house and 5 minutes later sitting down at the kitchen table with a bacon butty and a cup of tea!

The boys had a blast playing with their cousins and being spoilt rotton by Nana and Grandad. After half an hour it was off to the local park with big cousins B & C being the perfect babysitter/ enertainers and little cousin H the perfect playdate.

Tim as usual was off with his best friend otherwise known as cousin T.

The weather was amazing so the following day it was time to relax in my sisters lovely walled garden - ie, I get to sit back and chill out as Tae cannot escape. However, there was no danger of him trying to go anywhere with all the toys and sandpit on offer (and also big cousins to do his every whim).

I have no photos of  Tim. He was off having far too much fun with cousin T.  Some of the exploits that were reported back that double trouble got up to were; jumping through the sprinker in the neighbours garden fully clothed, playing at the local park and in the woods, riding bikes and scooters around the block and basically having lots of fun!

The only day I saw Tim was the day they held the water fight in the garden and got out the water slide.

We had an amazing 5 days that went very quickly, but we seemed to pack a lots of memories into them. Cant wait to have more fun when we visit again in the summer.

Up in the sky

This is what happens when you have to get up at 03.45 to catch the 06.00 flight to spend time with your family over Easter.

Im used to flying with the boys on my own, however, we ALL needed waking up a little during our stop over and luckily my best friend Mr Starbucks was on hand to help out:) A vey happy mummy indeed!!

It was not too long before we were up in the air again. No sleeping this time, just lots of playing and fun. Tae kept himself happily entertained with his car collection and looking out of the window at the clouds and aircraft wing....

...and Tim was heaven, Tig's new Ipad had arrived the day before we flew and he got to play a selection of new games on it.

and me?? I was just happy to sit back, relax and count my blessing that I have two fabulous sons who travel really well;)

Friday, 15 April 2011

Time for the new

A big change happend in our house this week. Rather in our kitchen. Finally after lots of going back and forward we committed to a new table and chairs set. You'd think it would be a simple exchange, apparently not;)

I would like to explain our kitchen is the hub of the house and I loved my old kitchen table and chairs. We have had a seventeen year relationship filled with family meals, play dough, painting, homework, cups of tea and gossip that just can't be summerised into words.

Once the new set arrived, in true Norwegian style it was a flat pack which needed putting together. A perfect Tim and Pappa project.

Then came time to take apart the old table. Tim loves power tools and is getting to be a bit of a whizz at using them! (supervised of course;)

And the finished result!!!

All fresh and new! Im looking forward to all the shared memories we can build around here together too.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Somebody loves bathtime.....

Kan jeg bade pappa? or Can I have a bath mummy? are frequent requests in our house.

We can be asked at any time of the day -  morning or night. Water is the most fun activity or borderline addiction for the youngest member of our family:) Even his nursery teacher commented to us one day - He really loves water doesn't he? That would be a great BIG yes!!

and Tim is always happy to play the tipping water over the head game:)

Cheeky boy!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Bouncing Along Again

Fun on the trampoline never stops.

Tae loves bouncing around and is getting really good at it. He comes to me with his shoes and asks 'go bouncy'. Recently he has been getting a bit bossy and makes everyone sit around the side and be his audience.

Tim loves the trampoline too and when they both get together it results in double trouble!


They spent over one hour messing around out there. Tim is great and carefully watches over Tae, he is an amazing big brother.

and Tae ...... he loves him right back :)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Spring Forward :)))

Spring has finally arrived!! Yay, it certainly took its time. It felt like winter was going to last forever.

Tim was very happy too. For us Spring means the boys can be out in the garden more. Usually translated as hours and hours on the trampoline at the bottom of the garden.

Tim had a blast yesterday doing all his tricks before his little brother joined in and a few safety rules had to be introduced;)

Gotta love boys!!!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Spikes again

Look whose got a new haircut:)

He looks so grown up with his new short hair:( Where did my baby go??? Mr Tae has very thick hair that has a slight wave to it. It also grows really fast! He is now an expert at the hairdressers and keeps everyone entertained whilst Fredrick cuts it. The trip to the hairdressers was not always such a joy. The first two visits consisted of me holding him firmly as the amazing and very patient Fredrick cut!! It was not pretty.

In the photos Tae is looking out the window at Tim on the trampoline - the photos of the fun they had together when he went out to join him will be a later post.