Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter Family Fun in the Sun

It always brings a smile to my face as we walk around the corner and see my family all waiting to pick us up at the airport. Tim also gets excited and it takes a lot of control for him not to run off and into his grandparents arms!

This Easter our trip back home was full of lots of smiles and laughter (and maybe a little bit of shopping too;) Nothing beats arriving at my mum and dads house and 5 minutes later sitting down at the kitchen table with a bacon butty and a cup of tea!

The boys had a blast playing with their cousins and being spoilt rotton by Nana and Grandad. After half an hour it was off to the local park with big cousins B & C being the perfect babysitter/ enertainers and little cousin H the perfect playdate.

Tim as usual was off with his best friend otherwise known as cousin T.

The weather was amazing so the following day it was time to relax in my sisters lovely walled garden - ie, I get to sit back and chill out as Tae cannot escape. However, there was no danger of him trying to go anywhere with all the toys and sandpit on offer (and also big cousins to do his every whim).

I have no photos of  Tim. He was off having far too much fun with cousin T.  Some of the exploits that were reported back that double trouble got up to were; jumping through the sprinker in the neighbours garden fully clothed, playing at the local park and in the woods, riding bikes and scooters around the block and basically having lots of fun!

The only day I saw Tim was the day they held the water fight in the garden and got out the water slide.

We had an amazing 5 days that went very quickly, but we seemed to pack a lots of memories into them. Cant wait to have more fun when we visit again in the summer.

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  1. The weather looks lovely! Your boys are so handsome! I hope you had a great trip, there is nothing like going home!