Saturday, 9 April 2011

Catching 40 winks ......

I have to say Tae is one of the most laid back, chilled out individuals I know. He takes everything in his stride. He is 'that' child who sleeps 12 hours each night and in the morning when he wakes plays with his train and monkey in his bed until he hears us getting up then shouts out 'mummmeee'. He doesn't even climb out his bed. Just lies or sits waiting with a smile on his face for us to go in.

The boy loves his sleep. 12 hours at night and at least 1-2 hours in the middle of the day. Last weekend we decided that we were too busy for him to have his regular nap in his bed or pram so we decided to get on with all our jobs and see what happens. I was prepared for a whinging child (however in fairness I think I remember him whinging only a handful of times ever) and had a bag of treats just in case.

So off we went to the shops. By 2pm we hit the supermarket for the weekly food shop. He sat quietly in the shopping trolley while we whizzed around. 15 minutes later I looked over and saw this......

Bless him, no complaining or crying, he just put his head on his hand and fell asleep! Its a hard life power shopping with mummy:)

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