Friday, 15 April 2011

Time for the new

A big change happend in our house this week. Rather in our kitchen. Finally after lots of going back and forward we committed to a new table and chairs set. You'd think it would be a simple exchange, apparently not;)

I would like to explain our kitchen is the hub of the house and I loved my old kitchen table and chairs. We have had a seventeen year relationship filled with family meals, play dough, painting, homework, cups of tea and gossip that just can't be summerised into words.

Once the new set arrived, in true Norwegian style it was a flat pack which needed putting together. A perfect Tim and Pappa project.

Then came time to take apart the old table. Tim loves power tools and is getting to be a bit of a whizz at using them! (supervised of course;)

And the finished result!!!

All fresh and new! Im looking forward to all the shared memories we can build around here together too.

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