Sunday, 3 April 2011

Where did the time go??

12 years ago today Tig and I got married. We had no idea what our lives had in store, where we would live or what kind of family we would have. Today as I woke up to the to the ringing sound of  'Muummeeee' from a very excited 2 year old I would not have planned my life in any other way:)

Our planned Sunday walk was cancelled due to heavy rain, so we had a typical lazy Sunday. Tig & Tim played the PS3 and I caught up with numerous jobs whilst Tae had his nap.

To celebrate our married and family life we chose to go out for dinner. In the interest of our sanity while eating out with above mentioned 2 yr old we chose to go to TGI's. Amazingly both boys were beautifully behaved and we ate scrummy food.
Let be honest - whats not to enjoy when sugar filled fizzy drinks are on offer!!!!

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