Sunday, 27 March 2011

Football Season Kicks Off!!

After training through the winter in snow, sleet, rain and hail, today was the seasons first football game. It was actually a Football Cup with 3 matches. All the running around in below zero conditions (the record -13c) seeemed to pay off as his team won all their matches. To top it off Tim scored a goal in the final match:) 
As his brother played his heart out, Tae dutifully sat on the sidelines cheering along!!
I was just happy the combination of snow and rain we have been having stayed away (and yes it was the 1st day of Spring yesterday). It was however, quite cold so Tae and I decided to leave early and go home to make dinner.
Double points to Tig for hanging out the whole 3 hours to cheers our footballer on. I think I be doing more than my fair share of sideline duties before the season is over.

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