Friday, 27 June 2014

Thursday Thoughts - On a Friday;)

It is nearly one year ago that my world was ripped apart - devastated.

My best friend for the last 19 years was gone.

A big hole was left in the boys and my lives.

I was left to pick myself and the boys up and carry on.

Words cannot describe the shear pain and hopelessness of that loss.

I have heard time and time again over the last year how strong or brave I have been.

Up and down, up and down, repeat.
The road is still going on - but I suppose it is getting easier or at least rolling along.

It has been, and continues to be tough. Day in, day out, missing him.

The intial shock has worn off, the paperwork complete, the gravestone in place and now what?

Grief, processing, defining who I am - figuring out how I am meant to live the rest of my life. The purpose - meaning of it all.

I am no longer:
 -the 22 year old student who met the charming Norwegian
-the care free 27 year old who moved to Norway for love
-someones 'go to' person
-half of a couple - technically no longer married.

(FYI which box to tick? - single, married, divorced? Why do divorced people get to choose to acknowledge their failed marriage on a form and I don't get to acknowledge my great but cut short marriage. Very rarely a widow option! Little rant over)

 I still am:
 -a mother to 2 amazing boys
-a daughter and daughter in law
-a sister and sister in law
-an aunt
-a friend
-a teacher

I was never only defined as 'being married to Stig' - however, being married to him contributed to the person I became.
He was my 'go to' person, we discussed everything, made decisions together, supported each other. I now have to figure out where I go next - who I am.

One of the hardest parts is not having that person to share the small things with. The everyday. The silly comments the boys make. Celebrating a new milestone. Boring daily lifes trivia.

Words cannot describe how much change has happened in the last 12 months. Although I am the same person deep down, I am also a totally different person to who I was a year ago.

What I am grateful for is that I have consistently chosen to be positive, count my blessings, see the light at the end of the tunnel. Even in the really dark days, I always found something to be thankful for.

For 19 years I got to share my life with an amazing man who loved me as much as I loved him. Together we had two amazing healthy, smart, beautiful boys.
We created so many wonderful memories.
Nothing changes that.

I am just sad it all had to end too soon.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Tim's Last day at School

Friday was Tim's last day at Barnaskole.

Time has flown by since he started there 7 years ago!

The first four years were hit and miss with teachers. He was VERY unlucky. During that time frame, he did not have 1 class teacher that lasted the whole year. He has added up all the 'class teachers' he has had during his time at this school and it came to 17!!

Luckily, he still performed well and the last three years he has had amazing teachers. They have enagaged him and he has enjoyed learning.

I managed to convince him to stand holding the picture that I took 7 years ago on his first day at school. It was so much easier getting him to look at the camera and smile then;)

Round 2 - and I got an actual smile!

His teacher this year is quite firm. He hands out consequences if the students have too strong deodorant, baseball caps, sunglasses or chewing gum in the classroom. On the last day as an end of year goodbye, the whole class turned up stinking of aftershave, sporting caps, sunglasses and with a endless supply of gum to keep popping in after he made them spit it out!!

Tim thought it was great fun - not quite sure how his teacher took it, but he is actually a very cool guy, so Im guessing found it funny too.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tae visits his new school!

In August Tae starts school.

(I have no idea where the last 4 years have gone - if you find them please send them back!!)

He is very excited to begin big boy school - the same as his big brother!

They host an open day, where all the new students and their parents are invited to meet the staff and see the classroom.

(Not gonna lie - it was tough turning up on my own, but I did it and got through)

So we all met in a large classroom. All the First Graders sat on benches at the front and the 3rd Grade class who are going to be their buddies sat on the floor. 
The session started with the buddies singing a welcome song to everyone. 

Once they left, the Head introduced all the staff.

There are two classes in his year group with 3 teachers and 1 assistant. Each class has aproximately 22 students.

They called the children's name and they were invited up front to recieve their name sign and meet their teacher.

Tae is in 1A, his teacher's name is Eva. She is lovely. She taught the parellel class in Tim's year group for 4 years. A great, solid and experienced teacher - we like that!

She also greeted me as I walked in the room and told me she had seen his name on the list and how exciting it was.

After the children had been put in their classes we followed the teachers downstairs to the classrooms.

They all sat in a ring and had a mini lesson on what school was all about and what they will learn.

Tae was chose to be the first child to pick an object from a sack on the floor (even though his hand was not up).

He quite enjoyed this session. They then went out to play in the palyground for 10 minutes before returning to the classroom with their teacher for a 'lesson' at their desks.

The parents were taken off for a information session with the schools management team.

Quite a fun day! He can't wait.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Tim's Class Birthday Party

Tim wanted to have his birthday party at home this year. The last few years have been swimming and bowling parties.

I decided if I was going to have 15, 7th Graders in my house I needed some structure. Therefore I suggested a Movie Party!

He happily agreed. My friend Karen linked me up with great websites to cover printables and cool party invites - it would be coordination all the way!

I chose to do the full night at the movies experience.

There was popcorn, crisps, a soda station and pick and mix stations for them to help themselves!

The party had a great start by popping the cork 2 magnum bottles of fizzy apple juice (donated by Farmor:)

Tim's best buddy B was looking very snazzy at the party!

Tim was the perfect host making sure everyone had a drink and kept their glasses topped up!

This is one cool group, they mingled and chatted away.

with a  photobomb thrown in...

Tim had chosen three films for his friends to choose between.  He put it up for the vote.

Before the film it was food time!

Then they all sat down to the film! 

Half way through it was time for the ice-cream saunde bar to open! This was by far the most popular part of the night:))

They all dived in - even before I could take a photo!!

There were lots of different flavoured ice-cream, crushed oreo biscuits, skittles, m&m's marshmallows, spinkles ans caramel and chocolate saurce.

After all of that it was no surpise that they had no room left for cake:)

Instead of cake and traditional candles (I saved it for his actual birthday) He lit a traditional 'norwegian' birthday candle and all his friends sang happy birthday to him!

He was a very happy boy.

They are a great group and this is the last party he will have before they are all spilt into different classes when they hit Umgdomskole (high school) in August!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

13 years with Tim!

13 years ago my life changed forever - I became a mum!

It was an amazing learning curve. He has kept me on my toes and has brought pure joy to my life.

As I skipped through some old photos, the main thing they had in common were his twinkling eyes and gorgeous smile.

Love him.....

Happy birthday Tim!!!