Saturday, 7 June 2014

Beach Time

While at my MIL's house last weekend I drove the boys the 10 minutes to one of my favourite places in the world.

Refvik Beach.

It is Ahhmazing!!

I always had Stig drive us out there each time we visit - pretty much every time we were the only ones on the whole beach:).

It is the combination of the mountians, white sand, clear aqua sea and breeze.

It is so refreshing and I always feel better after visiting.

The boys love it too.

I told them we would just go and have a run on the beach and maybe play in the sand. 

It was a little too cold and windy to swim yet, so we didn't take their swim shorts.

Do you think that stopped them???

They were totally drawn to the ocean.

First, just standing watching the crashing waves.

Then just dipping there toes in....

Obviously that was never going to be enough!!

Seriously boys!!!!

BUT - they had a blast:))

At least I was sensible and kept on dry land and did photo overload;)

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