Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tae visits his new school!

In August Tae starts school.

(I have no idea where the last 4 years have gone - if you find them please send them back!!)

He is very excited to begin big boy school - the same as his big brother!

They host an open day, where all the new students and their parents are invited to meet the staff and see the classroom.

(Not gonna lie - it was tough turning up on my own, but I did it and got through)

So we all met in a large classroom. All the First Graders sat on benches at the front and the 3rd Grade class who are going to be their buddies sat on the floor. 
The session started with the buddies singing a welcome song to everyone. 

Once they left, the Head introduced all the staff.

There are two classes in his year group with 3 teachers and 1 assistant. Each class has aproximately 22 students.

They called the children's name and they were invited up front to recieve their name sign and meet their teacher.

Tae is in 1A, his teacher's name is Eva. She is lovely. She taught the parellel class in Tim's year group for 4 years. A great, solid and experienced teacher - we like that!

She also greeted me as I walked in the room and told me she had seen his name on the list and how exciting it was.

After the children had been put in their classes we followed the teachers downstairs to the classrooms.

They all sat in a ring and had a mini lesson on what school was all about and what they will learn.

Tae was chose to be the first child to pick an object from a sack on the floor (even though his hand was not up).

He quite enjoyed this session. They then went out to play in the palyground for 10 minutes before returning to the classroom with their teacher for a 'lesson' at their desks.

The parents were taken off for a information session with the schools management team.

Quite a fun day! He can't wait.

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