Sunday, 15 June 2014

Tim's Class Birthday Party

Tim wanted to have his birthday party at home this year. The last few years have been swimming and bowling parties.

I decided if I was going to have 15, 7th Graders in my house I needed some structure. Therefore I suggested a Movie Party!

He happily agreed. My friend Karen linked me up with great websites to cover printables and cool party invites - it would be coordination all the way!

I chose to do the full night at the movies experience.

There was popcorn, crisps, a soda station and pick and mix stations for them to help themselves!

The party had a great start by popping the cork 2 magnum bottles of fizzy apple juice (donated by Farmor:)

Tim's best buddy B was looking very snazzy at the party!

Tim was the perfect host making sure everyone had a drink and kept their glasses topped up!

This is one cool group, they mingled and chatted away.

with a  photobomb thrown in...

Tim had chosen three films for his friends to choose between.  He put it up for the vote.

Before the film it was food time!

Then they all sat down to the film! 

Half way through it was time for the ice-cream saunde bar to open! This was by far the most popular part of the night:))

They all dived in - even before I could take a photo!!

There were lots of different flavoured ice-cream, crushed oreo biscuits, skittles, m&m's marshmallows, spinkles ans caramel and chocolate saurce.

After all of that it was no surpise that they had no room left for cake:)

Instead of cake and traditional candles (I saved it for his actual birthday) He lit a traditional 'norwegian' birthday candle and all his friends sang happy birthday to him!

He was a very happy boy.

They are a great group and this is the last party he will have before they are all spilt into different classes when they hit Umgdomskole (high school) in August!

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