Thursday, 26 June 2014

Tim's Last day at School

Friday was Tim's last day at Barnaskole.

Time has flown by since he started there 7 years ago!

The first four years were hit and miss with teachers. He was VERY unlucky. During that time frame, he did not have 1 class teacher that lasted the whole year. He has added up all the 'class teachers' he has had during his time at this school and it came to 17!!

Luckily, he still performed well and the last three years he has had amazing teachers. They have enagaged him and he has enjoyed learning.

I managed to convince him to stand holding the picture that I took 7 years ago on his first day at school. It was so much easier getting him to look at the camera and smile then;)

Round 2 - and I got an actual smile!

His teacher this year is quite firm. He hands out consequences if the students have too strong deodorant, baseball caps, sunglasses or chewing gum in the classroom. On the last day as an end of year goodbye, the whole class turned up stinking of aftershave, sporting caps, sunglasses and with a endless supply of gum to keep popping in after he made them spit it out!!

Tim thought it was great fun - not quite sure how his teacher took it, but he is actually a very cool guy, so Im guessing found it funny too.

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