Saturday, 24 March 2012

Cheeky Boy

Boys and stones.....

Look left......

Look right......

What stones???

Oh yes!!


It was him....

Sorry mummy

Play time

During a break between football matches at Tim's game today, Tae and I hit the play park.

He had lots of fun!


I know the last photo is out of focus, he was running towards me whilst I took it, but I just kinda like it!

Football season has kicked off!

In our house that means one thing sideline time!!

Tim still loves football and has been outside training all winter, twice a week, in wind, rain and snow. The first game of the season started with a tournament today!

Not only that, Spring has kindly graced us with its presence. Last year at the same cup, we were all bundled up in hats, scarfs and gloves with the grey sky over head!

This year it was lovely to stand and watch with the blue sky and warm sun shining down!

Where possible we like to all turn out to watch his matches and show family support. We managed to keep Tae in his push chair, it makes life so much easier and we could watch all the matches. Sweeties may have been involved in his cooperation;) I also managed to last the duration too.

Tim's team played three games and did a wonderful job! They won 1 and lost 2, but all were very close games:)
Tim is also one of the goal keepers! I actually think this may be the position he ends up in. He is pretty good a saving goals and has the right build!

The highlight of the day was whilst he was the goal keeper. His team mate shouted for him to kick the ball back into play as hard as he could. He kicked it right over all of the players heads, ending up in the opposite goal!!(that is some pretty hard kick) He was so proud of himself and to top it off,  it was the goal that won his team the match!!


Hopefully, the sun will shine for the rest of his games this season!!

Friday, 16 March 2012

WOW!! ..... and who are you??

One year ago I took these photos.....

I love taking photos and capturing the special moments that make up our everyday life.

Up to this point, these photos sat on the hard drive of my computer. I printed a few out here or there and put some on facebook for my mum and dad (and my other friends) to see.

But what I really wanted to do was to provide a record for the boys when they were older of what their lives actually looked liked (from my perspective anyway;).

I wanted to make a record of how much they are both loved and all the little things that make up their childhood.

So... that is where the blog idea came in!!!!

I had followed quite a few blogs before I started and was slightly nervous before I actaually began.

This may not be the most flash blog, super exciting or inspirational,

and that perfectly OK with me!!

What is here is who we are and what we do.

I wanted to record life as our family of four, have a use for the mountains of photos and turn it into a book if I could.

Well, number 1 and 2 are covered and number 3 will be happening very soon.

Initially, I said I'd try to do it for one year and then see. Well, that year has come around really fast!! Next week is one year since I began. However, today was a big day too.

Today I hit 5000 hits. That means the blog has been looked at over 5000 times.

OK, I know that the grandparents read the blog, but that's a lot of hits even for them:))))

SO, my question to you is...


I think I have an idea who is reading, but I'd love to really know (whether I know you IRL or not).

So, here is what I want you to do, write in the comments box who you are! Come out from lurking, you know you can!! (Tig - I even want a comment from you, I know you read it too!!) Another option is to click on the side and follow.

I hope you enjoy my waffle and I do apologise for bad spelling and grammar,  I tend to write the blog quickly, late at night and not always proof read:0

Take care, Dizzy

Friday, 9 March 2012

Tim's Twin Tips

This year Tim went over to to twin tip skiis.  I had no idea what they were before he requested them.
Now I'm very happy he got them!

Twin tips mean that the front and back of the skiis are the same (I think). This means it is easier to do turns, tricks and you can ski backwards easier.

The reason I'm happy he had them, was since I could not ski, he had to spend more time than normal on the easy slopes as Tig spent time with Tae.

He spent his time practising tricks like 360 turns, skiing on one leg, doing jumps on the off piste next to the easy slope and he mastered skiing right from the top to the bottom of the slope backwards.

He developed his skiing and control so much without having to be on red and black runs all day!

Obviously he got a few of them in with Pappa too;)

I was also glad I was not skiing after they reported back that he had done a 2 meter high jump 3 times (oh yes!!) in the tricks park on one of their runs!! Very happy I was not around to watch that one, I dont think this Mamma is quite ready to see him fly off a jump that high yet!

Even though at times he tries to make out he is super cool! I love that when I spoke to him regarding that fact I could not ski and he would have to spend more time on the easy slopes with Tae and Pappa, he quickly responded that it really didnt matter, it was more important that we were all together and that I was OK!!

Very proud and love my boy!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Tae's First Ski Adventure

To begin with, Tae was not overtly keen with the whole skiing idea. He loved his boots and skiis, but the thought of them combined - not so much.

As we got ready to leave the car and hit the slopes, he sat there smiled sweetly at me and said "Tae wait in the car, bye bye mummy!"

Not quite the response I was hoping for;)

We got him out the car and upto the ski lift.

At the resort we were visiting you had to take the 2 seater chair lift to reach nursery slope and cafe.  As I was still suffering concussion, it was Tig's job to maneuver the 3 year old onto the chairlift. Tim and I followed on the next chair. It was quite cute to see his little skiis sticking up from behind.

Once we got to the top Tig skied down the nursery slope with him as Tim and I followed.

The plan was that I'd hang out in the cafe/sun whilst Tig took turns skiing with the boys. My head could not manage any skiing.

When he actually got to ski down the slope he LOVED it.  He shrieked and giggled the whole way down.

Tig managed to get him on the button lift and made a few times trips down with him between his legs.

 Then Tim took over and did the same (have I mentioned what an amazing big brother he is:).

Quite a few people approached Tig and asked how old he was. He did look very small and petite in his snow suit, helmut and skiis.

Then it was time to chill out with mummy whilst Tim and Tig hit the big slopes!

At the end of the day we had to ski back down the mountain.

This time Tae managed to ski the whole way down a very long green run just holding Tig and then my hand!! He did so well.

The next day after a bit of skiing, it all got a bit too much and he decided to take a lunchtime sleep in the cafe!

My little skier