Friday, 16 March 2012

WOW!! ..... and who are you??

One year ago I took these photos.....

I love taking photos and capturing the special moments that make up our everyday life.

Up to this point, these photos sat on the hard drive of my computer. I printed a few out here or there and put some on facebook for my mum and dad (and my other friends) to see.

But what I really wanted to do was to provide a record for the boys when they were older of what their lives actually looked liked (from my perspective anyway;).

I wanted to make a record of how much they are both loved and all the little things that make up their childhood.

So... that is where the blog idea came in!!!!

I had followed quite a few blogs before I started and was slightly nervous before I actaually began.

This may not be the most flash blog, super exciting or inspirational,

and that perfectly OK with me!!

What is here is who we are and what we do.

I wanted to record life as our family of four, have a use for the mountains of photos and turn it into a book if I could.

Well, number 1 and 2 are covered and number 3 will be happening very soon.

Initially, I said I'd try to do it for one year and then see. Well, that year has come around really fast!! Next week is one year since I began. However, today was a big day too.

Today I hit 5000 hits. That means the blog has been looked at over 5000 times.

OK, I know that the grandparents read the blog, but that's a lot of hits even for them:))))

SO, my question to you is...


I think I have an idea who is reading, but I'd love to really know (whether I know you IRL or not).

So, here is what I want you to do, write in the comments box who you are! Come out from lurking, you know you can!! (Tig - I even want a comment from you, I know you read it too!!) Another option is to click on the side and follow.

I hope you enjoy my waffle and I do apologise for bad spelling and grammar,  I tend to write the blog quickly, late at night and not always proof read:0

Take care, Dizzy


  1. I LOVE your blog!!! I know we don't know each other IRL, but looking at pictures of your boys makes me smile!

    1. Thanks Lori!! We WILL meet one day:)

    2. love following your blog ,i am your mum,s cousin june x

  2. I read your blog Liz and love all the photos of you and your fab family. AM xx

  3. Hello!! We don't know each other IRL either...just Facebook life! I love reading your posts and seeing the great pictures of your little men! I have thought about a starting a blog but still have not taken the plunge yet!

  4. I read your posts and love the way you capture the everyday, innocent and joyful moments of childhood...the boys are going to be so grateful that their mom took the time to write down these moments that are so fleeting, yet so special in the lives of a I feel guilty for not keeping up with my blog!! I need to start again:) I feel like we would be instant friends if it weren't for the miles between us...keep writing!!

  5. Hi i love this blog, because I remember the moments were by every detail.
    - Tim

    1. (btw) I ment I remember HOW the moments where by every detail Thanks