Friday, 9 March 2012

Tim's Twin Tips

This year Tim went over to to twin tip skiis.  I had no idea what they were before he requested them.
Now I'm very happy he got them!

Twin tips mean that the front and back of the skiis are the same (I think). This means it is easier to do turns, tricks and you can ski backwards easier.

The reason I'm happy he had them, was since I could not ski, he had to spend more time than normal on the easy slopes as Tig spent time with Tae.

He spent his time practising tricks like 360 turns, skiing on one leg, doing jumps on the off piste next to the easy slope and he mastered skiing right from the top to the bottom of the slope backwards.

He developed his skiing and control so much without having to be on red and black runs all day!

Obviously he got a few of them in with Pappa too;)

I was also glad I was not skiing after they reported back that he had done a 2 meter high jump 3 times (oh yes!!) in the tricks park on one of their runs!! Very happy I was not around to watch that one, I dont think this Mamma is quite ready to see him fly off a jump that high yet!

Even though at times he tries to make out he is super cool! I love that when I spoke to him regarding that fact I could not ski and he would have to spend more time on the easy slopes with Tae and Pappa, he quickly responded that it really didnt matter, it was more important that we were all together and that I was OK!!

Very proud and love my boy!

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