Saturday, 24 March 2012

Football season has kicked off!

In our house that means one thing sideline time!!

Tim still loves football and has been outside training all winter, twice a week, in wind, rain and snow. The first game of the season started with a tournament today!

Not only that, Spring has kindly graced us with its presence. Last year at the same cup, we were all bundled up in hats, scarfs and gloves with the grey sky over head!

This year it was lovely to stand and watch with the blue sky and warm sun shining down!

Where possible we like to all turn out to watch his matches and show family support. We managed to keep Tae in his push chair, it makes life so much easier and we could watch all the matches. Sweeties may have been involved in his cooperation;) I also managed to last the duration too.

Tim's team played three games and did a wonderful job! They won 1 and lost 2, but all were very close games:)
Tim is also one of the goal keepers! I actually think this may be the position he ends up in. He is pretty good a saving goals and has the right build!

The highlight of the day was whilst he was the goal keeper. His team mate shouted for him to kick the ball back into play as hard as he could. He kicked it right over all of the players heads, ending up in the opposite goal!!(that is some pretty hard kick) He was so proud of himself and to top it off,  it was the goal that won his team the match!!


Hopefully, the sun will shine for the rest of his games this season!!

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